Never Take Your Loved Ones To A Medical Facility/Hospital

Shepards Heart – by Celeste Solum

You may have noticed that dealing with the time-honored medical profession is now very different than what you have previously dealt with.  This is a BOTTOM-LINE review of the slaughter in progress.  All original humans, referred to by the military as Old Humans, are being depopulated by 2025.


There is the federal HHS 88-page regulation dictating what happens during a communicable disease event. LINK

It has recently come to my attention that the states have adopted this 88-page regulation and quietly put it into their state laws (not regulations), during 2018-2019, under the name Communicable Disease codification.  In other words, it is the law of the land at both the state and federal levels.


If anyone takes anyone to the hospital or medical facility they will be tested.

That test will be positive for COVID.

Under current federal and state law that person must be QUARANTINED, either at the facility, hospital, or a United Nations SPHERE DESIGNATED HOME.

Quarantine is another name for MEDICAL CUSTODY.  If you value your loved one DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR CUSTODY TO ANOTHER PERSON OR ENTITY. 

The 88-page federal (and now state law) regulation MAKES IT A CRIME TO REMOVE A PERSON IN CUSTODY. 

THE CRIMINAL PENALTY uses an Infraction Matrix that can cost you:

  • Millions a day
  • Fines
  • Jail time plus fines, and jail time

It is so much per infraction, per day. It was designed to bankrupt the average American of all assets in less than a week.  I was involved in opposing this back in the day.

These penalties are applicable to the facility or hospital facility, as well as the person removing their loved one from a quarantine facility.

Your loved one will be provided End of Life “Humane” Treatment.  Starvation and dehydration are billable and payable under the ICD10 Codes. Three to five things will happen in the hospital under this using the Hospice Model for End of Life “humane” termination:

  • Dehydration
  • Starvation
  • Injectable drug to slow their respiration
  • Remdesivir
  • Ventilation
  • MISADVENTURE (this is a catch all for any terminating life)

As we wade through the ICD10 Codes, anything bracketed are my comments.  Please excuse my formatting.  I was balancing many documents with embedded formatting.  I did not have time to reformat this material.  Please extend grace, it is the information that counts.


The current SARS-CoV-2 is a military biological weapon. Let’s take a look at the 2022 ICD10 Code:

Things you should note are:

  • These are military biological weapons used against civilians, we the people (a weapon, as recently defined by Dr. James Giordano, is: something to contend with the people).
  • They advise not billing this code for reimbursement because there are other codes to bury it.  Why?  Plausible deniability.
  • The American version is very different than other countries versions.  Why?  Different operations for different countries as they kick the Directed Evolution depopulation slaughter around to discover the most effective methods.


Read the following and weep.  Only one of two requirements are necessary for your execution:

1.  A military operation

2.  Collaboration of two medical physicians

Dr. James Giordano, intimately involved in technological weaponry and policy, said in a recent presentation, which he admits are operational or close to operational:

  • 3 references to Volatility
  • 3 references to Violence
  • 7 references to Bellicosity (war)

And, at the 47:58 mark, “ethics that may give rise to certain permissivities.” The Medical Military Complex has been increasingly taking the high ground of “ethical and moral permissivities,” throwing out all morality and ethics without a whimper from the public.

The rest is here:

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