I should never have told Spike how much I like to shovel

6 1/2 inches so far …supposed to stop snowing sometime tomorrow …Spike messin with me… ha

13 thoughts on “I should never have told Spike how much I like to shovel

  1. Oh yeah,

    Fun isn’t it? If you wanna real laugh, drive an 18 wheeler through that mess. Be careful with that shovel Mary, they tend to bite back.

  2. Thankfully it never gets that deep here.

    They did bust out the snowplow a couple weeks ago, though. Rare here.

  3. East coast is supposed to get 61/2 in the next two days, probably the same storm, and guess who’s supposed to deliver in Mass Wednesday? They give me this shit because everybody else turns it down, cowards 🙂 LMAO

  4. I wasn’t going to say anything….but two days ago my cell phone went crazy.

    It stopped my podcast I was listening to…

    Then I heard a bunch of beeps like someone was selecting stuff on it.

    It was freaky…..

    When it was done…. the music player came up… and started playing…

    I’m in love with Mary Jane….. Coolio version…..Rick James…

    Then the Next Song…. was….

    Social Distortion….
    Down Here with the Rest of Us.


    Love you Spike…

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

    Peace Brother

    1. shazam…..6 1/2 inches this morning….still snowing …..calling for 18 inches when all said and done….so that is what? 45 cm give or take? now the winds are coming….fingers crossed power does not go out……poor Katie sitting down there in Texas 81 degrees …sweating….hope she comes through unscathed ….LOL

      1. mary, we’re getting pummeled with hail at this very moment. Does this constitute for winter weather?

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