New Mark of the Beast chip on the card coming October 1st

Published on Jul 26, 2015 by Dave Acton Checking In…

The woman leading MasterCard’s migration to chip-and-pin credit cards in the U.S. dishes on why this move is finally happening.

You may not have even noticed, but if you were sent a new credit card this year, it likely came with a small, shiny chip on the front. That may not be the most thrilling or sexy news, but the chip means security, and according to a survey of MasterCard customers, 77% fear their financial information being stolen or compromised via payment fraud—more than the portion that fears an e-mail hack or even a robbery of their home.

4 thoughts on “New Mark of the Beast chip on the card coming October 1st

  1. I just got a letter from Capital One Bank yesterday, telling me that they will be sending me a card with a CHIP in it and to not worry and that my old card WITHOUT A CHIP will still be useful but will be deactivated in 30 days even if I don’t activate my new card.

    How thoughtful of them. They never bother to ask me if I wanted a new card or one with a CHIP in it or if I even wanted to deactivate my old one. They just said they would go ahead and do it. The Zionist bankers are pushing their chip/mark of the beast technology out in full force.

    Speaking of which, we just got these new card readers at Cinemark theater last week. They are completely unnecessary and cause more problems than they are worth and no one, including management likes them or see the need for them. But, of course, corporate told them in Communist fashion, “We are trying to be like everyone else out there and provide better customer service.” and basically not telling them that the new card reader has a chip reading technology like this one and that’s why they want it. The corporate Commie scum want to protect themselves from fraudulent activity in case something happens and they don’t have one of these new gizmos.

    These sick Zionist bankers are doing everything they can to blackmail companies and people in order to force this shit on everyone no matter what. They are truly getting desperate.

  2. Time to just use cash. If you don’t have a card with you and are left with no money, then so be it. You’re better off than having your purchases tracked 24/7.

  3. “77% fear their financial information being stolen or compromised.”

    And i’d be willing to bet the financial thefts over computer networks are
    government sponsored to scare everyone into using the ‘not so secure’ CHIPs…for their protection, of course. A set-up from the beginning.

    Feed the poison, then offer the cure. How ‘jewish’.


  4. Amazing….now that they have their new cards with CHIPs in them all sent out, you don’t hear a word about another card reader scam like the ones at Target, Home Depot, etc. Amazing how after that, they try and put your card on a list of possible cards that may have been fraudulently used and do this whole campaign to send you new ones just in case. Now they just say forget it and send you one with CHIPs in it like they wanted to do in the first place. You’d almost think it was all coordinated and planned to help the Zionist bankers introduce their new card readers so they can blackmail and force people to take their new cards with chips in them.

    Noo…..that’s too far-fetched. There’s no way they would do that….


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