New Reservation System for Federal and State Lands

On December 14, 2013, communist Red China put a robotic lander on the moon in an outward display of that communist country’s capture and utilization of technologies developed via the brain trust of the United States.  Mark Koernke at that time pointed out that which should have been obvious to every thinking American.

Where once the United States was a great power, respected and admired by the peoples of the world for our advanced technologies developed via our systems of free thought and free enterprise, we have now morphed into a totalitarian military dictatorship, oppressed by an illegitimate government that uses every new technology to further the oppression and control to the point of removing any notion of privacy, even to the extent of our private thoughts.  

I witnessed this weekend the total surveillance society expanding, not only into the rural areas, but indeed into our forested mountains.  My son had reported to me that he was observing spotter planes flying over him, literally in every place he went to in the forests and mountains.  I have been confined to my house and my work for quite a while now but made the time on Saturday to go out into the mountains (Winema National Forest, Oregon) to see for myself.

spotter planeSure as hell, the very first time we stopped and got out, within five minutes a ‘spotter plane’ flew directly over us at about 300 feet.  Further observation revealed what can only be described as a sky policing.  I believe we were tracked by air all throughout our three hour journey.  These spotter planes might be explained away if it were summer and forest fires might be expected.  But this is winter and the ground is frozen and covered with snow.

One butte I looked at on Saturday used to be entirely covered with dense manzanita brush, where in it would have been quite a chore to capture a guerilla force.  Now it is completely defoliated of the manzanita, I believe, through aerial spraying as the manzanita I observed in other areas was turning from orange to brown as it is dying.

I believe the communists, working hand in glove with the EPA and Indian tribes and using the United Nations’ Agenda 21, are attempting to grid off the forests, cut access, and monitor every activity through a new permit system.  We have been notified here that all entry to our public lands is now considered commercial use requiring a permit (permission).  Said permission to be granted only upon payment of fees and a declaration in writing as to where we will be, what we will be doing, and how long we will be there.  We have been warned that there are closed areas we cannot enter and that we have to check with the Forest Service to see if the areas we want to go into are off limits, and of course obtain the permit if they are not.

All of this is being done in cooperation with the EPA, State and Federal Forestry, Indian tribes, and of course the United Nations.

The intent here is obvious and that is to create a reservation system wherein we are confined and can only move outside its boundaries with government permission.  I will not accept this reservation being put forth by this communist cabal.  And sooner or later there is bound to be conflict, as the communist Forest Service, EPA, and Indian tribes have acquired arms, ammunition, and equipment, including but not limited to airplanes, four wheel drives, four runners, snowmobiles, M-16s, shotguns, and .40 cal glocks, and an army of traitors that are going to try to police and enforce this reservation system.

This whole thing could come to a head this summer when the drought we are in provides the necessary tension between the tribes and every other water user in the Klamath Basin.  These lands that make up this new reservation are part of what was formerly an Indian reservation, of which I believe the United Nations, asserting that they have taken over these public lands, are telling the tribal leaders if they assist in removing the American nationals from the land, it will be restored to them.

I would strongly advise the Indian people, not to be confused with those who are governing them, to look at history and see what happened to the Iroquois Nation when they backed the international George III against the American nationals.  And remember, these international elitists would have exterminated all the native peoples, had not American nationals stepped in to stop them.  They will use you and they will betray you.  Do not help the progeny of those who put you on a reservation to build new reservations for the 21st century.

When this conflict begins there will only be two sides to the fence.  Do not let your leadership put you on the wrong side.  Take another look back into history and remind yourself how a few in leadership positions sold you out at every turn for their own benefit.

We must be one people.  There cannot be nations within nations with conflicting laws and privileged classes of people, as this is a direct infringement, absolute, on our entire Bill of Rights, which is the foundation upon which our liberty rests.

If you Indian people have any further doubt, take a look at Brazil and see what is happening to the indigenous people down there, who thought that liberty and prosperity lay in acquiescing to communism.

The government policing of our people when we are on our public lands is unacceptable and those participating in it are guilty of treason.  No matter what any of you think, we American nationals are taking this Republic back and reinstituting our Bill of Rights.  Anyone who defies our absolute right to do so will be utterly destroyed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

9 thoughts on “New Reservation System for Federal and State Lands

  1. We have seen this in the national forests as well. We like to go dry camping in the Kisatchie National Forest in Central Louisiana. We go out and camp for a few days with atvs. You have to pay when you enter and place the permit in your truck and another one on your person. There are 70+ miles of trails to ride on. They asked that you stay on the trails. When we first started going out there a federal guy would come out and simply keep the peace. He didn’t even have an atv to check the trails. Within the last two years it has changed. The old guy that kept the peace is gone. He has been replaced by guys in fatigue style uniforms with glocks and atvs. They patrol the trail system looking for slaves to arrest. You better not deviate form “their” trails or face arrest and impound of your gear. I thought that we owned the forests in our country. I guess they believe different. I hate to inform them, but I know that land better than they can ever hope to. If they think they will keep us off of it when the time comes, they will lose.

  2. Remember Russell Means and the Wounded Knee conflict back in the early seventies ! I wish Russell Means was still hear to help and advise with these problems like what is happening there and all around the u s of a – Russell died 10-22-2012 🙁 Bet he is still watching though. you listen and ya can hear him tellin` us we better get ready 😉

    1. Oh, how Russell Means and his wisdom are missed. I heard a theory that he might have been infected with the cancer that killed him, after he made a trip to the United Nations in NYC.

  3. Met Russell Means once when he gave a lecture about indigeonous rights the world over. It is very sad that AIM has pretty much lost ground to the traitorous tribal councils who strictly follow the money and to hell with their own tribal peoples. I do hope all Native Americans wake up as much or more as everyone else and realize they are being used, as if they will see the supposed benefit in getting that town in Wyoming back is really just another dog-and-pony show by the criminal psychopathic elites.

  4. You’ve got spotter planes and we’ve got ‘copters everywhere, Henry.

    Wonder which is easier to bring down.

    ‘Copters, I’m thinkin’.

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