New York City Seeks Mandatory Flu Jabs for Preschoolers

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Nanny Bloomberg has officially morphed into Big Brother Bloomberg.

After an attempt to ban large sugary drinks from New York City eateries was ruled an illegal overreach of executive power and struck down by both lower and appellate state courts, Mayor Bloomberg is now trying to to require that all children under age 5 in city-licensed day care programs receive annual flu vaccinations.   

Apparently Bloomberg is taking one from the playbook of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who announced just a few months ago that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children will no longer be eligible for the Family Tax Benefit, worth thousands of dollars per year.

Forbidding preschoolers from city-licensed day care programs both public and private would be equally as financially devastating to no-vax parents in New York City as it would force them to seek out much more expensive childcare options such as a private nanny.

Patricia Finn, an attorney who has sued on behalf of citizens at both the local and federal levels for vaccination exemptions, stated that obtaining shot waivers from both city and state is getting harder and harder for parents each year.  She said she “almost fell out of my chair” when she heard of Bloomberg’s proposed new flu vaccine requirement, as children already get “88 doses of diseases by the age of 5 in New York City.”

This is far higher than the immunization schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control where the number of vaccines totals 68 by age 11-12.

While New York City provides a religious exemption, it does not provide an opt-out for families opposed to vaccinations for philosophical reasons.

The New York City Health department justifies it’s support of the proposal by saying that New Jersey and Connecticut have already passed laws requiring children under 5 to be vaccinated annually if they attend child care or preschool programs.

New York Health Department Ignores the Science about the Flu Shot

This despite ample evidence that the flu shot not only causes harm to children’s developing brains, but also evidence that it doesn’t even work. A large-scale, systematic review of 51 studies, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviewsii in 2006 which involved over a quarter of a million children, found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo in preventing influenza in children under two.

Cochrane also made the following statement:

reliable scientific evidence confirming that influenza vaccines are effective is thin and there is plenty of reason to suspect that there may be a manipulation of conclusions when the studies are funded by drug companies.The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding.”

What’s more, getting a flu shot may actually increase the odds of getting sick with a serious respiratory infection! According to Dr. Paul G. King:

Based on apparently the only double-blind placebo-controlled influenza vaccination and outcomes study conducted  (in healthy children 6 to 15 years of age), which has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, it is clear that getting a flu shot greatly increases the risk (by 4-plus-fold) that a person who receives it will contract and potentially spread one or more non-influenza respiratory viruses, some of which can be serious and morbid infections in humans.

In addition, the study established that the overall effect of vaccination for those who were vaccinated did not differ from the effect of giving a sterile-saline placebo when it came to protection from subsequently contracting influenza (source).

New York City Call to Action

If the proposed rule is approved by the Board of Health, whose members are appointed by the mayor, schools and child care centers will be required to maintain accurate records of whether all under age 5 children enrolled in their daycare program have received the current year’s flu shot else they will be subject to fines.

The mandatory flu shot proposal is on the Board of Health’s October 23, 2013 agenda which the public may attend and protest if they so choose.

Click here for the agenda of this meeting so parents who support vaccine choice can attend and protest the proposed overreach of executive power that has become the hallmark of Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor.

Date/Time:  October 23, 2013/10AM to 12PM

Location:  New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Gotham Center
42-09 28th Street, 14th Floor, Room 14-45
Long Island City, NY 11101-4132

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  1. It is not a health issue at all. When Gates referred to vaccines as a way to reduce population by 15% he meant it. Parents nothing is worth damaging your child hire a personal sitter and avoid this proclamation if it cant be fought. Talk to your friends and relatives while there is still time.

  2. he’s a jew and you’re the goyim and will do as the jew says so he and his fellow jews can continue to reign unimpeded because they actually believe they’re better than you. jews have this arrogance about them like no other.

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