12 thoughts on “No broadcast today

    1. Hey EotS, whats going on here Prayed for Henry. I’ve been back Many times to this site and could only get old replays, if anything at all. Very little in chats, if anything, sometimes nothing. Archives not good either on my end. Tried tonight and can actually see things how it used to be. Not sure what all has been going on, from comments I saw tonight! many people still here. I don’t see #1 or Angel. Hope all is well with you and yours. Sad I haven’t been able to be here! I actually thought the site was only a few random posts from what I was able to see.

  1. I ain’t no prophet or nothing, but a few days after the dirt storm someone said (and of course I don’t remember who) that this Thursday we may have another.
    Now, the wind is not what is/was prescribed, and is later in the day.
    Dust rising up and starting to look like the same shit.
    Myself, I’ve no idea
    Wanted it to be archived.

    1. Never materialized, which is good.
      Farmer’s are in the fields now, and we’re short on rain.
      I can see about ten miles from here and it wasn’t looking good when 30+ winds started stirring things up just before dark.

  2. Henry hope you feel ok. We All will have to take a Mental Health Day OFF!!!! I have been physically sick too .. seems to go on forever!!! Brother Ken

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