6 thoughts on “Normies Are Getting Red Pilled #ClintonBodyCount

  1. An honest question.
    How come my posts get zero or very few, usually negative, comments?
    Things I send to this site seem to fit in well with other articles and comments.
    I’m just curious?
    Am I wasting my my time here?

    1. I checked out this video and this fella is obviously a Trumptard.
      You should know that we have broken the situation down to the simplest terms. The 14th Amendment and slavery vs the Bill of Rights, freedom, and liberty.
      The Clinton Body Count, you have to admit, is as old as Methuselah and when it is presented with a Trumptard lean, well it is really quite simple.
      There are no Republicans, there are no Democrats, no left, no right, no conservatives, no liberals, there is just the law or there is not.
      You have been here for quite a while, on and off, and people will comment on things that they have known for twenty years, but not a whole lot.
      At this point in the ballgame, our southern border is being overrun, our country is being recolonized, we are being displaced and our enemy, that is the Trumps, the Clintons, the Bushes, you know, the corporate aristocracy, et.al., are intent on killing every American national.
      It is my opinion that From the Trenches contains the most up to date uncensored truth on the net. If you feel you are wasting your time here, I suggest you put that time towards practicing with your guns because there is only one way out of this for those who will not be subjugated, and considering the numbers involved, there is one hell of a learning curve that is going to cost a couple of million lives because people are not living as close to in the present as possible.
      When it gets to the point that people think they are wasting their time in being informed of the situation up to date, we will take the Trenches down, which I think is what some are wanting to do now because we leave no wiggle room. Either you are a patriot ready to fight and die to enforce the people’s law (the Bill of Rights), or you just want to chit chat about that which makes the enemy the enemy.
      As for myself if the site gets too straightforward and to the simple fact that we are already at war and that war again is the 9th Article to the people’s Bill of Rights/ratified law vs the 14th Amendment, blatant in your face unlawful treason, I will just shut the son of bitch down and people can go back to bitching and moaning about the situation and conceal themselves from not only their right, but their duty to enforce that unalienable ratified law.
      It is real easy to get rid of the demand that everyone calling themselves a loyal patriot dig their heals in and get ready to shoot. All you have to do is just quit supporting From the Trenches and you can have your comfortable chit chat sites back and not have to face the truth.
      Best I can do, brother.
      Have a great day.

    2. Captain O, are you a listener to the daily broadcast? The broadcast will provide pointed information as well as the mind set of the people that frequent this site.

    3. An honest answer.

      I rarely do videos, and if I do, it’s generally because they’re under 10 mins. I will occasionally comment on the title, or the bio (if there is one), but I much prefer the printed word for my information.

      You’ll notice that I rarely post (when I AM sending in) videos… virtually all my posts are written articles.

    4. btw, I think what Henry is saying is that CURRENT news is much better suited to Trencher interests.

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