NSA Drone Insects in Long Beach and Carson, California

metallicbug.jpgNSA Drone Insects are being used in Long beach and Carson, California and have been seen in swarms both small and large. My friend Jack invited me to stay at his house and to go walking with him late at night with his dog as guide. Lady is an English Hunting Cocker/Terrier mix and is obedience trained. Jack said the dogs keen interest in sent trails and pointing at places with strong scents is a natural trait that he rewarded with praise and treats when the dog was young.

Jack walked me to a freeway underpass and showed me some cockroaches that do not run away but simply stared the dog down and both of us down. Based on looks, I still cannot get past feeling that they are just big roaches from the port of Long Beach. Jack handed me the leash and said the dog had found the roaches. Lady started tugging on the leash and off we went. The street names I remember were Peach, Pine, Long Beach Blvd and Cedar. We came to an “Airgas Company* industrial site that smelled like a gas leak and like high-stench compost.  

The dog was taken off-leash as per Jack and Lady sniffed lawns, ivy, concrete and asphalt. 2” long metallic colored beetles started pouring out of the ivy, clattering as they walked. Lady got between the beetles, and us and on several occasions snapped at beetles that came close to Jack’s and my feet. True bugs (non-drones) come in insects and true bugs, with true bugs having and “X” on their back. These clattering metallic drones swarmed and behaved in a both confrontational and wary manner. Raise a foot to step on one and the all move a little closer. Bring your foot down and it is obvious they are programmed to avoid destruction.

The most telling thing about them was the dog; Lady obviously hated and was extremely cautious of the drone bugs. She could smell their scent trails. Jack told me the compost stench was dead homeless people, dead political dissidents and dead inmates who died after release from jail(s). The compost stench is how the dead smell after the NSA exterminates them with their new technology.

Jack let Lady stay off leash and said, “Lady, off leash”. The dog took us via scent trails to King Tack on Long Beach Blvd. Jack opened the top off of the trash and pulled out a cello bag of fruit that looked very appetizing (melons, pineapple). Smell, he said. The fruit reeked of insecticide. “Cruel joke for the homeless, King Taco did not do this, the NSA Syndicate did this to the Christian Homeless. They feed the Satan Worshipping Homeless, but put insecticide food in the trash for the Christian Homeless.

I smelled the honeydew, watermelon and pineapple again and got a big whiff of Diazinon or some similar chemical. Jack called me to catch up with Lady who was leaving us. Lady lead us to many places but the order of them has faded from memory: Airgas were we heard gas venting and smelled chemicals, King Taco, a private school, a dog food factory, a liquor store, a Panaderia, two small city parks with one adjacent to a school. At this last, the drinking fountains did not work, but there was water that had not gone down the two drains of the two fountains. “Smell it”, Jack said. “Lady, playtime”. Lady ran, zigging and zagging and occasionally shepherding at Jack’s and my footsteps. A ¾ of an inch spider came out of the shadows of the drinking fountain, Jack said, “it is sort of fuzzy textured, but colored like a black widow with the red mark on its back – no hourglass, just a red-blotch visible in daylight.

When lady was done, Jack put her back on leash and said, “on leash work”. Lady led us North again into residential neighborhoods where she eventually pointed (literally pointed, nose towards us, rear-end towards 1-2 houses at a time. The fifth house had 3-4 German Shepherds barking at us viciously. Jack put his hand over the fence and the dogs cowered away. “These are NSA Crime Cartel houses, and the dogs are all bark and no fang; the owners are Satan Worshippers and the dogs wiring is all fucked up”… …If someone put their hand at Lady in my front yard, she’d show her fangs and if provoked enough she’d snap and pinch some skin.

At one point Lady, Jack and I were between the five houses and Lady froze and stared; we froze and looked around, too. Jack whispered to me to stay behind him and the dog and made a wide berth of 3-4 cars and we walked right down the center of a residential street, giving all of the cars a very wide berth. These are weasel-dangerous, totally amoral people, Jack whispered.

One smelled like petroleum, the other had the same Diazinon-insecticide smell. “They are depriving the homeless off water, only Satan-worshipping homeless and bug-worshippers can have water”.

“The NSA, the Syndicate Crime Cartel and the Satan worshipping homeless all worship insects and especially the arachnids that have venom like Black Widows and Brown Recluse or disease carrying roaches. They want to make beneficials like bees go extinct, as they want Christians to starve.

Lady took us past a Panaderia not too far from the Dog Food factory, which Jack had said contains Solyent Green. The bulletin board in front got my attention, there had to have been well over 2000-3000 staples in a 4’ x 8’ sheet of brown-painted plywood. “That is selling the possessions of the deceased, the exterminated and leasing out the homes of the NSA exterminated – this board is NSA Crime Cartel grand Central Station. I asked Jack how much danger we were in? “Just watch the dog”

Dawn found us still walking with cirrus clouds and many Chemtrails over head. Amidst many cirrus clouds, the Sun shone iridescent rainbow colors through a big swath of jet chemtrails. Two Dragonflies droned by, one landing on a roof next to us. “Drones?” I asked. Drone’s Jack agreed. Lady looked like she wished to fly as they finally flew away.

When the walk was completed our tally in less than 24 hours was: 3 “Dragonfly” drones, 3“Black Widow“ Drones, 12 or so “Cockroach” Drones, with the most numerous being the clattering or noisy, metallic-finish “True”-Bug Drones. Sometimes we just saw one, sometimes more. The dog, Lady kept them at bay and these were truly frightening. Do they car toxin or disease, do they have fangs or a small stinger or hypodermic. Jack took me through a homeless camp totally devoid of humans but filled with abandoned tents, shoes, sleeping bags and a lot of abandoned 1/2 to 3/4 empty bottled water. The metallic beetles were pretty prevalent there but Airgas was the mother lode on metallic drones…

Jack and I discussed and analyzed what he had shown me, with Jack commiserating: “I think the homeless camp is the model the NSA Satanists plan to use for the whole planet – no food, no water, no Christians, just Satanists and there insects. No plants, no trees, just Satanists, grass and bugs and whatever the Satanists plan to eat”.

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  1. “When the walk was completed our tally in less than 24 hours was: 3 “Dragonfly” drones, 3“Black Widow“ Drones, 12 or so “Cockroach” Drones, with the most numerous being the clattering or noisy, metallic-finish “True”-Bug Drones. ”

    The completed tally looks like it comes from the mind of fantasy-bound individual. Note: Zero physical samples of *anything*. No professional analysis.

    Wild claims require absolute proof.

    1. I agree Jessie. Just show me one insect drone that flies in swarms and guards rotting flesh. It sounds more like an ad for a Si Fi movie although I have seen insect drones in articles.

  2. Someone should tell “Mootch elle” to shut her c#*kwasher. No one gives a rats arse what she thinks or has to say.

      1. Hey REDHORSE, actually I posted this comment on the wrong article as I intended to respond to the Halloween Candy article. Oh well, I’m glad you enjoyed my comment and that is how I feel about that “”Tranny”.

  3. LOL, I vacuumed up a big ass spider a few nights ago, that sounded like pennies being sucked up. Hope it was a drone spider! On another note, I nearly fell off my chair at your comment Millard! 😆

    1. Hey Deb, thanks for your kind words :lol:! I’m going to be draggin’ arse if I don’t get a little more sleep before my 9:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. shift. See you in “The Trenches” tomorrow morning!

  4. “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation” ~ Herbert W. Spencer


  5. long beach is where I first heard about them. and just because you haven’t seen any doesn’t mean they don’t exist. isn’t that right, arf?

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