NY Gun Owners Getting Letters Saying Where They Live To Be Public Information Under New Gun Control Law

Do not comply. Illegal.

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

I know somebody who received a letter in the mail yesterday saying he had to fill out the above form in order to keep his information, where he lives, his name, private otherwise that information will become public and any tom, dick and harry could find the information on him and every other person in NY with a pistol permit information.

I am not sure why this is necessary. He says that this is a new development and something him, his father or anyone else he knows has had to do this.  Therefore I have to assume its part of the NY Safe Act rushed through the NY legislature that is now being challenged as un-constitutional.  Just thought I would let you know. -Mort


7 thoughts on “NY Gun Owners Getting Letters Saying Where They Live To Be Public Information Under New Gun Control Law

  1. Ignore it. It’s a sleazy attempt to get gun owners to reveal who they are
    so that it CAN BE published. The gun grabbers are a bunch of sycophants
    that will stop at nothing to advance their agenda. Ignore ALL communication
    on the subject of what licensing or weapons you may have. It is nobodys
    business but yours.

  2. I want GEITHNERs address and the rest of them, and I dont have a gun but if the little guy can be exposed – so should they also

  3. Once again I’m speechless.

    And I can’t just say “only in New York”, because they pull some of the same kind of cr@p here whenever they can.

  4. Smells like a hoax to make gun owners look silly and demonize them. At its most bona-fide, it’s a politically motivated trick, and that’s if it’s real.

    What exactly is the NY state law that requires this form to be filled out?

    And…other than having had a background check, how could any state hope to know who has firearms, how many, and what they are, unless it’s an FFL holder with machineguns?

    Yes, some cities do ask for records. Cities, not states.
    Move elsewhere. At any rate, it’s not an issue until some authority actually finds the gun on you, or a dirty snitch dobs you in.

    And no, this shouldn’t be about public-carry, either open or concealed. If it’s supposed to be, it needs to say so.

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