NY Times: Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians

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The unprecedented Ebola epidemic has now killed 660 people in four African countries since it was first detected in March. Interestingly enough, angry locals are now blaming foreign health workers for spreading the disease. The fear of aid workers, mainly from ‘Doctors Without Borders’ is helping to spread the disease, health officials say. The article explains that whenever a westerner passes, villagers cry out, “Ebola, Ebola!” and run away.

This Times article and huge front page photo are intended to portray frightened African villagers as paranoid, superstitious and ignorant:  

“Workers and officials, blamed by panicked populations for spreading the virus, have been threatened with knives, stones and machetes, their vehicles sometimes surrounded by hostile mobs. Log barriers across narrow dirt roads block medical teams from reaching villages where the virus is suspected.”

The idea that “do-gooder” medical workers are spreading the Ebola virus throughout several West Africa nations is preposterous on its face…..or is it???

Could it be the what the villagers lack in formal “education”, they can sense instinctively? Singling out the international “aid group” (NGO-CIA) Doctors Without Borders, one Guinean charged, “Wherever those people have passed, the communities have been hit by illness.”

Global manipulators such as Strong & Soros use ‘do-gooder’ NGO’s to advance their evil hidden agenda. 

Villagers armed with slingshots and machetes are blocking the paths to prevent health workers from entering. “We don’t want any visitors,” said the leader of a local youth league. “We don’t want any contact with anyone.”

“This is very unusual, that we are not trusted,” said Marc Poncin, a coordinator in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders, the main group fighting the disease here.

Astute students of ‘New World Order Conspiracy Theory’ understand the dirty game by which “humanitarian” CIA-Mossad fronts known as NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) will often infiltrate a target nation and wreak havoc from within. The “health group” with the high-sounding name “Doctors Without Borders” is in fact one such NGO, with links to George Soros and other shady characters.

Doctors Without Borders (in French, Médecins Sans Frontières) was founded by French Zionist Jew Bernard Kouchner; a politician and doctor ranked as the “15th most influential Jew in the World” by the Jerusalem Post. The “humanitarian” Kirchner is also a rabid supporter of the UN and the EU. Zionist Kouchner openly supports going to war against Iran (if others measures fail). (here)

Though the angry villagers may not quite understand the geo-political aspects of this dirty game, they evidently sense that something is very strange about this latest disease outbreak. The fact that their suspicions point to an NGO group, which they would have had no way of knowing was a CIA-Mossad front, is most intriguing. The fear and suspicion (instincts) of the villagers is nothing to be laughed at!

Strange illness breaks out in West Africa.
“Humanitarian” Kouchner  of ‘Doctors Without Borders’ (left) shares a laugh with Israeli butcher Shimon Peres. 


1: “Humanitarian” Dr. Kouchner (second from left) poses with members of the CIA funded terrorist KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army)  


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