Obama Endorses His Globalist Comrade Jim Yong Kim for World Bank President

The socialist international insurgent Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim for President of the World Bank yesterday, and this is no surprise as Jim is a globalist who has participated in the division of the American people of the American race through the Zionist multi-culturalism.  We had better realize that there is a massive propaganda push at present in our country designed to divide us by race, religion, gender, and age.  The corporate elite have seen us unite and they know that our unity spells their doom.

As for Jim Yong Kim, he came to our country from South Korea when he was five years old.  After which he was propelled straight to the top through our education system and his socialist handlers.

People, look around you.  Foreigners are being pumped into our country and made to rise and consolidate power while we the American people of the American race are being purposely held down in an attempt to replace us with peoples who will acquiesce to a one world government.

I don’t give a shit what anyone says.  A person who came to this country from another country does not have the ties to our land that we, whose forefathers conquered this continent, do.  And it is the Zionist Jews who have perpetuated this infiltration with the specific design of destroying our culture and making us nothing more than another socialist state in the one world soviet union.

Take a minute and consider this.  Without the intervention of technologies created and developed by we the American people of the American race and without our wealth and resources, where would China, South Korea, Indonesia, and India be at this point in history?  I’ll tell you, if left to their own devises, their own innovativeness, ingenuity, and resources, they would still be in a pre-industrial state.

We the American people of the American race could have very easily enslaved these other countries.  Instead, as a result of our morality and kindness, we chose to lift them up rather than hold them down.  Now our kindness is being taken for weakness as these former third world countries join with one world socialism to take our resources and enslave us.

We are going to be forced to fight to once again establish our rightful place as free sovereigns of a free country.  And after we have suffered the consequences of our past leniencies we must punish all those who sought to destroy us.  And woe be it to the first crying ass liberal that steps up to plea for leniency for those who chose to be our enemies.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Obama Endorses His Globalist Comrade Jim Yong Kim for World Bank President

  1. It sickens me to see what has become of the United States of America. Watching the government lick the boots of Israel, letting millions upon millions invade our land while letting our natural resources flow out of our borders to other nations to be made into low quality products to be sold back to us at ludicrous prices. No other free nation on Earth would allow this kind of lunacy to take place in their borders, it’s no wonder the United States of America has become the laughing stock of the world. Super power? Heh, more like self-destructing empire.

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