Obama Pushing Aspartame on Grade Schoolers


The Obama administration’s Department of Agriculture has released nutrition standards for “competitive” foods and has outlawed snacks considered unhealthy by the nanny state federal government.

“Regular soda is out, though high-schoolers may have access to diet versions,” The Hill reports.

That’s right – the government is recommending our kids drink soda laden with the deadly neurotoxin aspartame.

As usual, the right hand of government has no idea what the left hand is doing… or maybe it does.

Aspartame is so dangerous and detrimental to health, even the FDA has failed to approve it – for two decades running.

Despite this, more than 6,000 products, consumed by over 100 million people worldwide, contain aspartame, including: soft drinks, chewable vitamins, sugar-free cough drops, sweeteners, yogurt and a lot of other food products.

Aspartame is responsible for migraine headaches, changes in vision, nausea and vomiting, abdominal and joint pains, change in heart, depression, memory loss, seizure and even brain cancer.

“More than these complaints to the FDA, there are also around 10,000 documented reports of aspartame side effects and over 900 published studies on the health hazards,” notes Dr. Joseph Mercola.

So now the USDA is pulling traditional potato chips and candy out of schools and allowing them to be replaced with aspartame products that have a long history of causing all kinds of health problems and even death.

Is there something wrong with this picture?


2 thoughts on “Obama Pushing Aspartame on Grade Schoolers

  1. They just want your kids to drink the cheap stuff (Aspartame is 3 x cheaper than sugar) – which is why they try to ban Mexican Coca Cola from being imported to the USA – as it contains real sugar. As usual, it is all about $$, and never about “healthy children” or whatever else they claim.

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