Obama Re-Election Machine Repurposed to Attack the Second Amendment

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Lincoln, NE –-(Ammoland.com)- Thanks to grassroots organizations like the NFOA, and members like you, many senators and congressional representatives have begun to back away from gun control proposals.

Unfortunately, the gun-grabbers now have a new plan. We must ensure that it fails.

Organizing for Action, the Obama re-election machine, is now being re-purposed and redirected to attack your Second Amendment rights.

During the State of the Union address, while Obama made an emotional plea to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners, American’s for Responsible Solutions aired five advertisements in support of more gun control. These ads were purposely directed at key districts in order to sway the voters in those areas and influence key members of the Senate and Congress.

Tomorrow, February 22 2013, Obama’s campaign team has a planned a national day of mobilization that you know the mainstream media will breathlessly cover and report as the consensus of the American people.

We are fighting back. First, we urge you to make “Five Phone Calls for Freedom” next Monday and Tuesday on the 25th and 26th of February 2013. We need you to call: (1) Senate Minority Leader McConnell, (2) Speaker Boehner, (3&4) Senator Johanns and Senator Fischer, and (5) your Congressman. The overwhelming volume of pro-Second Amendment calls will remind these individuals that the Bill of Rights is not something to be ignored. Phone numbers and details on the message you need to tell them are detailed below in this Member Alert.

Nebraskans: In addition, on Saturday February 23, a Day of Resistance rally has been organized by Oath Keepers and Tea Party Patriots. The rally will be held in Omaha, Nebraska at 72nd St. and Dodge St. from 1PM-3PM. Contact Steve Homan (402-562-9094) for additional information. The organizers have requested attendees to please conduct themselves by the following guidelines:

  • Dress respectfully (No camo or militia clothing)
  • Be respectful with your signs, slogans, and gestures – even to those who will be there to oppose us

Finally, with the battle for Second Amendment rights going to the state level, as we’ve seen in several states, including our neighbor to the west, Colorado, we must remain vigilant here at home. We have provided a brief summary of some of the firearms-related legislation proposed here in Nebraska, including the Nebraska Firearms Freedom Act, and a bill to prohibit federal restrictions on firearms, magazines, and accessories. We need you to contact your state senator to let them know your stance on these issues.

In Liberty,

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) is organized for the purpose of voicing the opinion of its membership to the Nebraska Legislature and other law making bodies within the state as well as Federal level, as it pertains to firearms. NFOA members will also make it a priority to educate residents on firearms related issues.

On the web: www.NebraskaFirearms.org or email: nefirearms@gmail.com for more information.

Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/02/obama-re-election-machine-repurposed-to-attack-the-second-amendment/#ixzz2LaQRqfSV

2 thoughts on “Obama Re-Election Machine Repurposed to Attack the Second Amendment

  1. ■Dress respectfully (No camo or militia clothing)
    ■Be respectful with your signs, slogans, and gestures – even to those who will be there to oppose ,,,,AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH SLAVES,The days of marching and begging are way over, fk this asking master may I ,they laugh at us and light their “cubans” with the silly letters written,AMERICANS i MEAN REAL HONEST TO GOD AMERICANS HAVE SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR with 63 million more defense weapons bought just last year no more sucking up and playing nice.YOU FKN TRADERS NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY, this is your only warning no quarter will be given as none has been received.

    1. I think the author is just saying “Don’ give them ANY reason to start indisciminately shooting us”.

      They’ve got priors, you know.

      It’s what they do best.

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