Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud Evidence Goes to Judge Who Blocked Illegal Amnesty

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Judge Andrew Hanen is the Texas judge who has stood in the way of Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, even going so far as to threaten Obama’s Justice Department with perjury, which would have provided many of his donors with cheap labor and was an obvious violation of the law. As a result of his actions, Americans have benefited from increased wages. However, the attorney that first filed an amnesty challenge before Judge Hanen has now submitted 150 pages of documented evidence concerning Obama’s fraudulent Social Security number before the judge.  

Attorney and medical doctor Orly Taitz, who has been involved in numerous cases involving Obama’s fraudulent documentation, submitted the very first challenge to Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, long before the twenty-six states, which most people have heard about in the media, filed theirs. By the time those states had issued challenges before the court, Taitz already had two injunction hearings before the Texas judge and got an order to show cause, which was issue by Judge Hanen.

Following her efforts, Taitz also filed a motion which seeks to amend her complain to include new additional facts. Among those facts are that many of the illegal aliens that are in the united States are using fraudulent identification, including stolen Social Security numbers. In fact, Taitz claims that she has been the victim of identity theft. Her Social Security number was stolen, according to an admission of by the Internal Revenue Service.

“When I sought a copy of the fraudulent tax return and request for refund filed by the thief with the IRS, I was denied my request,” wrote Taitz. “I could get the identity of the thief by the bank account number which the thief attached to his request for a refund.”

“The IRS is aiding and abetting criminals by refusing to provide victims with information,” Taitz told Freedom Outpost.

This led to her then providing Judge Hanen with 150 pages of evidence concerning the fraudulent identity of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Soebarkah. After all, if illegal aliens are doing this, and the idea is to help hold them accountable under the law, why is the chief law enforcer in the country involved in the same criminal activity.

Obama is using a stolen Social Security number, as we have documented previously. There has been absolutely no credible rebuttal of that fact.


His Social Security number is 042-68-4425 and was issued by Connecticut, though he never lived in the state. In fact, that number was actually issued to one Harry Bounel, who was born in 1890!

Taitz recently called on actor George Clooney‘s wife, Amal Almuddin Clooney, to investigate Obama’s fraudulent identification.

Taitz told Freedom Outpost that her efforts were in large part due to the fact that many of the illegals coming across the border were not only are stealing identifications, but they are coming into the US with infectious diseases. Part of one of her motions was to deal with that issue. As a medical doctor, Taitz confirmed what Border Patrol has been telling us concerning those with infectious diseases crossing the US/Mexico border.

Now the question remains how Judge Andrew Hanen will rule once he sees all of the evidence. It appears we are not going to see any constitutional efforts to impeach Barack Obama by Congress, though that would be the rightful remedy in this matter. However, a Texas judge taking a stand against the usurper-in-chief has already drawn many Americans to his aid. I wonder if he would do the same thing regarding the crime of identity theft that the current occupant of the White House is engaged in.
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7 thoughts on “Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud Evidence Goes to Judge Who Blocked Illegal Amnesty

  1. “The late judge Andrew Hanen’s plane somehow lost power and then the pilot had a heart attack and the air traffic controller was shot in the head by a jealous boyfriend said the FBI waiting at the future crash scene.” “What a tragic accident that took the life of a true American”, Obama stated at a makeshift press conference that interrupted his front nine at Augusta.” Any more questions?

      1. Yeah NC, I suspect if they can’t get this judge to “play ball”, they’ll dust off the old Wellstone playbook.

  2. Everything about this Manchurian Candidate is questionable from multiple aliases to fake birth and SS numbers to hidden college records. This guy was a setup from day one. And the deafening silence from those who could(but didn’t) do something about it shows that the fix is in. This is an intended takedown of America..period.

    1. Frank W., truth be told, the torches and pitchforks would be chasing that SOB all the way to Falls Church, VA, a befitting place for one of the devil’s own to fall. The clock is ticking and the “Blood Moon” has begun as we speak.

  3. A lot of people knew all about Berry being a fake. WHY the hell did no one do anything when he got the nod to run for office. ALSO, with all the info of him being a fake, Berry could not get a security clearance according to the legal guidelines. SOOOOO: why the f#@k is this bastard in office. Fox news and the RINO’s could have destroyed this person, WHY DID THEY NOT?????

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