Oded Yinon Plan – Israel’s – The Clash of Civilizations Exposed

Published on Mar 8, 2018

To understand the current situation here in the 1st world and the wars in other parts of the world, it is imperative that you understand that there is an agenda that is being enacted upon as you are reading and watching this video.

The Clash of Civilizations, a pseudo-theory put forth as a ‘theoretical explanation’ to the ongoing war and mayhem in the Middle East, has for decades been accepted amongst western scholars and academia.

However upon serious reflection and a little investigation, you’ll begin to see that this is just a religious belief among messianic adherents to the Judaic faith, that in order to usher in the Messiah, you must carry out the necessary steps. In this case, have the Muslim world and the West duke it out, and in the end, the observer (Israel) takes all.

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