Olando Shooting – Bullet Sticking out of Victims Leg

Published on Jun 12, 2016 by millsmost

One of the witnesses to the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting says he saw a shooting victim with a bullet half sticking out of someones leg.

7 thoughts on “Olando Shooting – Bullet Sticking out of Victims Leg

    1. I didn’t look at this until after I commented on the original post… sure seems to be the guy….unless he has a twin.

  1. How come CNN keeps showing the same pointless scene over and over again in this video? Is it suppose to mean something that I’m looking at a garage and a covered garage with a vehicle under it? How does it have anything to do with the story? Did they just find this 10 second clip that they took down the street and just looped it and played it for no reason? It sure seems that way.

  2. This actor is absolutely awful!! ALL his mannerisms and expressions indicate someone who did NOT see the actual event, and is “reading” from a script (“reading” means he was coached how to respond, not necessarily that he is actually READING text at the moment of the interview). The blinking (not because the lights are too bright); the avoidance of straightforward intent (rapid and constant glancing askew from face-forward) and the unemotional (as contrasted to the overly emotional response we usually see) tells me this interview, at least, is a crock.
    I Cry Shenannigans!!

    ( Oh!… and the “bullet” was THIS (3 3/4″) long!)

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