Online Activists Beware! 100 Year Sentence| Think Tank

Published on Mar 1, 2013 by breakingtheset

Abby Martin talks to Christian Stork of about the case of online activist, Barrett Brown, and US government’s fixation on preemptive prosecution of anyone exposing government wrongdoing.

6 thoughts on “Online Activists Beware! 100 Year Sentence| Think Tank

    1. scared or not, the one who will land in jail is you and me. and you will do nothing to stop it. the more denial i see from americans, the more i think they may just be insane

      1. Denial or a sense of helplessness. I suppose a little of both…insane? yes. My sister knows something is wrong, but says, “I can’t do anything about it.” It’s the elephant in the room in this country. The sense that I have gotten from my encounters with people is that they simply don’t know what to do…they are overwhelmed by what they have already seen. It seems that all the evidence in the world would only create more apathy in this country. The truth seems to over-take their ability to act… That appears to be the insanity. It’s not the truth that I’m afraid of, It’s the people in this country that look the other way and tell me I’m Insane. Anyway, that’s a bit more than you expected in my reply so I will stop the psychological opinion.

    1. this is outrageous, completely criminal. wonder if this is related to the stratfor leak that exposed alex jones staffers being strafor employees?

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