9 thoughts on “Operation Backyard Brawl #BACKYARDBRAWL – Child Trafficking Tucson

  1. Guess who the Mayor of Tuscan is?……Jonathan Rothschild

    Cemex tied to Clinton Foundation , think (haiti)
    Soros connections
    Clinton Global Initiative ..Nxivm

    Jonathan Rothschild ..President of Casa de los Ninos
    home for abused children

    as far as I’ve seen researched and, read others who commented on many of these videos on YT

    pretty evil shit if this is for real

    1. Good research EOS.
      “Jonathan Rothschild ..President of Casa de los Ninos
      home for abused children.”
      Go in Walmarts on the wall befofe bathroom they show pictures of all the missing kids. You say to yourself, god help them, but you know they’re probably gone.

    1. I agree Koyote
      I’m almost thinking they moved in on this too fast , maybe should have layed back after discovery about 600 yards and waited until the sicko’s started coming on site and slowly picked them off one at a time for months , weeks.. whatever
      This type of evil never goes to prison
      And if it does it’s never rehabitated
      The only thing that works to end this is a smokin hole in the head

  2. Hello fellow vets, I’m sitting here watching your story on this camp is really upsetting me. I was medically retired for 8 yrs now not feeling complete in life feeling useless. Life is so short and this is pulling at my heart. I would love to come and help. I’m a little out of shape but the kids need our help I have a couple of other vets that would love to join the fight to stop this craziness and I feel that I can help. I have equipment rife ammo. I was a cook I’ll be glade to cook for the group and help with the search. I just need info on were to drive to and I’m ready to help. Please call me 4103309529. sdclover7@gmail.com. I will leave tomorrow if need be.

  3. God bless you all!!
    I pray all the evil scum is ridden from the Earth, NOW! Thank you for your service. I’d love to help the rescued children!! Praying all the tunnels are blown up by now….

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