8 thoughts on “Orwell

  1. Ha, any questions. 😆 Yep, there actually are people out there that will spend it all for this game. Yea, talk about group mind control is right. 😉 😎

    1. That is what I heard also, the staff at Before its news and other news outlets received a letter, saying it is called treason bowl. I guess we will see. I hate sports, always have. The sheep never cease to amaze me!

  2. WOW! Holy crap. Best meme ever I think. I enjoy going to sports bars just to see sheeples faces when I tell them NFL is nonprofit after collecting 9 billion in revenue from their stupid gladiator game. Makes my beer even more refreshing!

  3. What I laugh at is hearing the people in public on their phones talking about how they are preparing all of their parties for the Superbowl game literally a month ahead of time. Like it was Christmas or something. These sheeple are beyond pathetic.

    I even heard a DJ on a radio station the other day announced that a female listener was so unhappy and sad that Justin Beiber was in jail that she called the radio station to see if they could foot the bill to spring him loose.

    We have Fukushima radiation, HAARP weather up the ying-yang, FEMA camps, TSA groping us all, WWIII about to happen anytime soon, the financial collapse, GMO’s poisoning our food, chemical spills everywhere, fracking, contamination of our water supplies, UN troops on U.S. soil, illegal immigration problems, H1N1 type problems, a foreign government controlling us, a dictator in chief, gun confiscation, Obamacare, the selling of our country to China, TPP, earthquakes all over the place, Communist Core education and lack of religious freedom, unemployment up the ass, yet for some reason, it would mean the WORLD to this completely dumber than an ass, shit for brains girl that if we could all just chip in and bail Justin Beiber out of jail, she and the rest of the world would be living in a much happier place.

    I could puke for days after hearing her statement and still not get the nauseating feeling out of my system.

    May God help us all!

    1. ..not to mention that god-awful Grammy Marathon the other night…I thought it would never end…and I wonder what will happen next year..as they seem to be running out of dead, famous singers to pay tribute to..?

      I suppose they can do Pete Seeger now…eh?

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

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