15 thoughts on “OTTO takes a shower

  1. Otto is busy and gets around a lot. When you post him it doesn’t look like he will be there long, haha…

  2. Um, this is a family site. I’m not touching that with a ten gnome pole! He’s eating your shortcake, he’s in your shower! Time for Otto to get back out to the garden. Haha!

  3. It’s a scientifically proven fact that almost 75% of the gnome population here in America are made up of gnomes.
    it’s also a scientifically proven fact that 82% of all gnome deaths in this country can be attributed to drowning.
    Some 6% of gnomes fall prey to evil, carnivorous shower curtains which almost always loom menacingly behind them and have almost insatiable appetites for the taste of gnome flesh.
    Now, the gnome depicted here has definitely wandered into a very dangerous area and blah blah bladee blah…….

    Sorry, I think I was channeling Marlin Perkins from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

  4. demonic idol for Earth Elemental worship

    I am quite surprised so many people harbor such disdain for it. LOL
    Most people love their idols. Especially when they are better known for selling internet sites for traveling.

    The salamander(vulcanus) is fire worship.
    Sylphs(sylvestris) are air
    Gnomes(pygmy) are earth and
    Undines (nymph) are water

    In case anyone cares.
    shifty bastards!

  5. Mary, I like Otto, he and I will meet for drinks one day! The shower is interesting it looks great with that wood, My buz was remodeling many a bathrooms and never did I use or see a lumber shower! it does look great. Thank for Otto and don’t let him watch TV.

  6. First he took a wizz in your fridge, now he is planning a dump in your shower. Run the little sucker off.

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