Paris Charlie Hebdo attack has at least 3 NATO Operation Gladio signatures

abc_paris_gunmen_lf_150107_16x9_992RINF – by Tony Gosling

Also of course on the question of free speech vs. hate crimes – would we be happy for Charlie Hebdo to lampoon Jewish people and gypsies as the Nazis did?

The whole point of satire it sees to me is to ring down the powerful – not the product of NATO’s Operation Cyclone and those Syrian and Libyan ‘rebels’ indoctrinated by Saudi Arabian Wahabi cash and trained by NATO special forces.  

Most obviously these 2 or 3 attackers have been given the top military training – possibly even by NATO special forces in Turkey or Jordan

These attackers most likely European trained fascist Gladio soldiers or French speaking, NATO trained, ISIS types

1. As the Daily Telegraph put it: “The attackers displayed a degree of skill and calmness that comes only from advanced military training.”

2. Then there’s the political aspect here with much of the sensible French military and political class who are against French involvement in NATO operations against ISIS in Syria and the countering of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. Effectively joining in a war that could turn nuclear
The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its fleet will be deployed to the Gulf to support operations against the Islamic State (ISIS), Mer et Marine news site reported yesterday.

3. Finally the political shock effect of killing police officers. Armed anti terror police were notable by their absence. Instead poor unarmed gendarmes were sent to tackle the gunmen.
As happened in Vielsalm in Belgium in the successful attempt to stop the Belgian government voting to remove US cruise missiles from Belgium.
Most of the police service, as in the Gladio attacks on Belgian police, don’t understand the way these special ops work: Secretly signed off at the highest levels of National intelligence services and Prime Ministers. Then coordinated through ‘private’ networks of private military companies like Blackwater/XE and retired intelligence officers such as the Swiss based ‘Club De Berne’.

cf. today with Operation Gladio in Belgium

‘Their language skills were not much use: the objective was the police station in the sleepy southern Belgian town of Vielsalm and none of the Marines spoke French. If they had, they could have saved one man’s life and another man’s eye.
The object of the exercise had been twofold: to jolt the local Belgian police into a higher state of alert and, no less important, to give the impression to the population at large that the comfortable and well-fed Kingdom of Belgium was on the brink of red revolution. Guns used in the operation were later planted by a shadowy Belgian intelligence outfit in the Brussels squat used by a Communist splinter group.

If this is the case today’s gunmen would either have been French fascist ex or serving special forces or ISIS fighters trained by them in Turkey or Jordan.’

One thought on “Paris Charlie Hebdo attack has at least 3 NATO Operation Gladio signatures

  1. I wonder if Europeans are as clueless as most Americans and will fall for these false flags. Now that Operation Gladio has been declassified and knowledge of it distributed widely, if Europeans fall for this false flag, it proves they are as dumbed down as most Americans.

    And I didn’t think that was possible.

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