Pelosi: People Getting Their Health Insurance Cancelled Because We Know What’s Best For Them…

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Breathtaking arrogance.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pushed back hard Wednesday against those hammering ObamaCare for forcing some patients out of their current insurance plans.  

The House minority leader said the number of patients who will have to change plans under the law is small, and they will ultimately benefit by moving into new plans with better coverage.

“While you might like your old plan, what you’re going to get under the new plan is that [it does] not discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions, does not deny you a key benefit like … maternal, mental health or prescription drug coverage and cannot drop you when you are sick,” Pelosi said during a press conference in the Capitol.

“These are part of the ‘patients’ bill of rights,’ which is a vast improvement over other plans.”

Pelosi said the sharp rise in medical costs, combined with the transient nature of the individual insurance market, would eventually have forced people out of their individual plans – ObamaCare or none.

“No matter what people say about whether they like their plan or not, their plan was not going to be their plan,” she said. “Everybody’s premiums were going up.”

Pelosi noted that only about 5 percent of Americans are enrolled in the individual plans most likely to fall short of ObamaCare’s minimum benefit requirements. And within that group, she added, many patients will be able to keep their existing coverage because the new rules apply only to plans established or altered after the law was enacted.

“If you were in a plan in 2010 when the president said, ‘If you’re in a plan and you like your plan you can keep your plan,’ you can [keep your plan],” Pelosi said. “If you’ve enrolled since then, you’ll get a conversion letter.”

8 thoughts on “Pelosi: People Getting Their Health Insurance Cancelled Because We Know What’s Best For Them…

  1. I think this freak has been eating radioactive tuna from the company that her husband owns. She even believes her own lies. Only a place like california could elect her. (sorry to all the cali residents on the site)

    1. That’s why I post every article I can find about her. I have to live with the b#tch.

      (figuratively speaking, of course. If it were literal, she’d have been pushing up daisies years ago).

  2. This whole Obamacare is not ony a fraud on the people but is THE VERY REASON WHY JOBS HAVE BEEN CUT IN THE USA and only hiring part timers.. No one can pay the monthly Insurance rates that will be charged companies but thew employee has to pay the same TAX as well it is a Double Tax without representation .

    If Obamacare would be scrapped People would go back to full time jobs tomorrow.

  3. I’ve put down range vermin that were smarter than this POS. Her TRUE Communist core beliefs are right in our faces.

  4. Politicians are all a bunch of liers!
    The crowd in washington are the worst, regardless of party affiliation,
    Going Galt!

  5. My best friend in Tenn. got a letter the other day, her and her husbands insurance will be cancelled on Jan. 1, 2014.

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