Plain Clothes Man Within Feet of Ebola Patient, Then Boards the Plane

If Ebola is real, then this is a protocol breach. If it’s not real, this video shows it’s a hoax.

Published on Oct 15, 2014 by DAHBOO77
As coverage of the transport of the Dallas second health care worker diagnosed with Ebola aired live on NBC 5, viewers questioned a sight at Love Field Wednesday: A man in plain clothes standing among those in hazmat suits.
While three people helped Amber Vinson out of an ambulance, off a stretcher and up the stairs to a specially equipped jet taking her to Atlanta for treatment at Emory University Hospital, a man wearing no protective gear stood nearby holding a yellow envelope.…

5 thoughts on “Plain Clothes Man Within Feet of Ebola Patient, Then Boards the Plane

  1. One picture/video says it all – this is a hoax, folks! The crisis actors are being directed by clipboard guy. (Plus the ebola patient walks onto the plane; what’s that about?)

    This photo/video is the best inoculation for ebola scare-mongering. Good post, Cathleen!


  2. common sense says it’s fake,
    2 guys with stretcher have air filters,
    2 plane guys dont.
    clipboard director has a shirt. 😉
    “victim” can walk – just, so should be moved in a chair and not a trolly.

    we know in the real world people are stupid.
    maybe the guys with filters are in the know, the others are designated to come down with it next week.
    and the clipboard guy is saying “u.s. customs – anything to declare? are any of you guys on a no-fly list?”
    and the suit-guy is responding ” get the F*** out of here you F***ing idiot – dont you know what this is!”

    because you just cant tell these days – things are so F’ed up.

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