Polar Vortex Restarted, California Drought Continues, 10 05 14

Published on Oct 5, 2014 by The HAARP Report

This is an exact repeat of the “Polar Vortex” of the winter of 2013/2014. The Baja Haarp transmitter (and big Alaska transmitter) are creating a stationary, high pressure in the jetstream, 1,000 miles west of California. This STOPS all rain from reaching California and Oregon. The stationary high pressure drives the jetstream up into Alaska, and British Columbia, and drags cold air into the central US.
A new type of psychological warfare is being used on the GOES East satellite images. This new psy-op is designed to draw attention away from the Haarp operation in the Pacific. There is no reason to think the east/west lines, on GOES East, are real weather effects. Instead, they are certainly photoshopped, and designed to distract from the real Haarp operation, which is maintaining the Pacific high pressure, and rebuilding the “Polar Vortex”.
The west coast of the US, is now set for another winter of severe drought, if the man made, Pacific, high pressure continues. Also, if it continues, the central US will have another incredibly cold, bitter, winter, while the Arctic melts at a fast rate. You people in California need to tell your legislators, and law enforcement, that the reason for the persistent high pressure has been found, and criminal racketeers are responsible. Federal law enforcement needs to treat this weather modification, as an act of terrorism, and issue arrest warrants for all who are participating in this eco-terrorist syndicate. By keeping Alaska warm all winter, the “doomsday” Arctic methane is melting at the fastest possible rate. This is the ultimate act of terrorism, and all federal, and international law enforcement agencies MUST get involved, to stop it.
You folks, in California, Oregon, and Nevada, MUST yell and scream, if this continues all winter, like it did last year. There will be enough anger, and political pressure, by springtime, that law enforcement will be forced to investigate these crimes. That is the goal of these videos. Millions of angry Americans CAN compel law enforcement to arrest these criminals.
(Error: At 3:36, I said “gakona”, when I should have said “baja”. Sorry for the confusion!)

One thought on “Polar Vortex Restarted, California Drought Continues, 10 05 14

  1. I am in northwest Oregon..It poured down rain yesterday, 90% chance of rain tomorrow,and 60-90% chance of rain all next week, and our temperatures are normal….Just sayin.

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