Politically Incorrect Guide to Government Terminology

Published on May 23, 2014 by JmanPrepper WontBeSilenced

All human life is precious. And the point at which one human believes his life to be more precious than another is the very point at which other lives are placed in jeopardy, violated and eventually terminated.

Think about that. If each individual viewed all life as precious and worthy of their own personal protection, no person would never lift a hand or devise a scheme to harm the life of another.

When the mindset of an individual or group of individuals think less of somebody else’s life than they do of their own, great mischief befalls the victims of that mindset and creates a civilization that welcomes, justifies and even applauds forceful, violent and coercive measures, so long as the collective masses who consent to such aggressive actions are ensured that their own lives will be made safe by the very aggressors who are bringing harm to others. And it goes without saying that the legitimacy of the aggressors is enhanced when they appear as the official looking, costume-wearing agents from the untouchable organization called

And THAT is the core mindset of all statists. Put plainly, the statist, although he wouldn’t do it himself, has no problem with the entity called Government hurting people and taking their stuff. Now if you or I hurt somebody and took their stuff, we’d be jailed. When bankers do it they’re bailed. And the Government keeps the masses controlled and groveling at their feet by continually promising to provide them with security and prosperity.

But in order to really understand the corruption and see though the violent nature of Governments, we need to examine and define the terminology that has the masses hoodwinked. However, these terms must be defined without the white-washed propaganda popularized by Main Stream Media outlets.
So let’s get started with the first term:

Elections: That time of year when citizens participate in the illusory ritual of choosing which lying political puppet will deceive them, plunder them, waste their money on things they don’t want or need, and intimidate, cage and murder countless individuals, on their dime, in the name of “protecting their freedom.” Elections are useful tools employed by the Elite who sit atop the human food chain to deceive the masses into thinking they have can exercise control to effect a more comfortable outcome for their lives.

Government: A collective gang of nefarious individuals (most of them politicians and lawyers) who formulate new commands (called “laws”) in order to create monopolies and forcefully extract the laboring energies of their victims for the purpose of removing liberties, waging wars and expanding its own power.
With the recorded deaths of over 260 million human beings in the last century alone, it’s no stretch to say that Governments are the most deadly institutions ever devised. When pressed, even the most ardent statist will admit that governments have a history of specializing in plundering, oppressing and murdering their subjects on a scale unmatched by even the most deadly and prolonged wars.

Politicians: The governmental version of a used car salesmen, these charismatic, psychopathic parasites are known to be guided by greed, controlled by bankers, funded by special interest groups and willing to abandon principle for profit even as they proclaim themselves to be champions of individual liberties.
To compound an already dire situation, today’s senators and congressmen are politically and financially incentivized to work against the individual rights and lives of American citizens.

Supreme court: These black-robed, priestly tyrants of the state, issue their own decrees which violate the plain words of a document they swore to uphold as well as suspend the rights of the individual while claiming to protect the collective whole. These as well as the judges in the lower courts serve as the gatekeepers of a financial windfall for the state. History is replete with examples of judges perverting justice, striping rights and confiscating the wealth of the populous through the blackmail tactic of plea-bargain shenanigans.

President of the United States. Know widely as the leader of the free world, the president is nothing more than a banker-owned political puppet who does the bidding if his well connected, elitist masters.

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  1. Spare me the junior highschool philosophy. We are all programmed to fulfill the biological imperative. We naturally value our lives above others. We naturally value the lives of those genetically closer related to us above those genetically more foreign.

    When there isn’t enough to go around, natural selection occurs and the process of evolution continues.

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