Politicians Push New Legislation To Make Saggy Pants Illegal

The Mind Unleashed – by John Vibes

In recent decades, cities and states throughout the country have been slowly and silently criminalizing saggy pants. A new bill proposed in the South Carolina will threaten fines for anyone who has pants that hang more than three inches below the waistline, even if their skin is not exposed.

On February 15th, South Carolina lawmakers introduced House Bill 4957, which states that it will be illegal for men or boys to be seen in public “wearing his pants more than three inches below the crest of his ileum exposing his skin or undergarments.” 

Thestate.com pointed out that the lawmakers spelled “ilium” wrong in the bill, which is the correct spelling of a part of the hip bone. Instead, they typed ileum, which is a part of the small intestine.

If the bill passes it will allow police to write fines that increase with every ticket. The first offense would carry a $25 fine, the second offense would carry a $50 fine and/or up to 3 hours of community service, and a $75 fine and/or 6 hours of community service thereafter.

Wendell Gilliard, one of the main sponsors of the bill, told WCIV, “We have to lead by example. The pants now are being worn below the knees.”

Seeing someones underwear may seem strange to some, but when you think about it, its really just another piece of cloth, and the person is still covered. The fact that people would think that it something like this can be legislated or outlawed shows that we live in a control freak culture, where threats and force are used to mold society according to the whims of politicians and special interest groups.

While lawmakers insist that jail time will not be imposed on offenders, people have been arrested for sagging pants before.

The Mind Unleashed

21 thoughts on “Politicians Push New Legislation To Make Saggy Pants Illegal

  1. What a f__king stupid bill. I’m no fan of the saggy pants look, but now we’re going to literally have fashion police? Seriously?

    1. Where is the bill to keep fat chicks from wearing halter tops and yoga pants? No one wants to see a muffin stuffed into a rubber glove.

    1. Can’t legislate morality either…prohibition didn’t work (except to make marijuana illegal once it was repealed) so this won’t either…in fact I wonder if there are even enough cops to make it work! But a politician’s gonna do what a politician’s gonna do.

      And I thought the Duluth Men’s T-shirt brand had the ultimate solution for “saggy” pants–the saggy pant t-shirt!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is too funny. At first I thought it was satire.

    Another way to bring in cash flow just like all the other “laws.”

    No fan of saggers either, but you can’t legislate it out of existence. If it’s this, then it will be something else just as ridiculous.

  3. “Seeing someones underwear may seem strange to some, but when you think about it, its really just another piece of cloth, and the person is still covered.”

    It just separates the retards from the SUPER retards.

    Besides, the idiots are far more likely to trip over them when fleeing the pigs.

    Then they can make their ‘fashion statements’ in prison

  4. Just the poor folks reaching for their bootstraps. It is common sense in a world polluted with ignorance. But honestly alot of people really really just don’t know any better….growing up such a way. Build that wall and never let your child come home from school talking strange vernacular ie. Every sentence like this like that or you know what I’m sayin’ ?

  5. It must be very limited mentality when a man is to stupid to pull up his own pants while walking around in public. Take a good look at the trash that does this and you can bet that trash is the same trash that will be in your sights if the shit were to really hit the fan.Aim well and help the gene pool improve. That garbage really does multiply and that’s a really scary thing to know!

  6. I’m putting this here ’cause I don’t know where else to put it and I have to put it somewhere.

    Maybe others have seen it already but I just watched the closing ceremony of the (psy-op) Olympics. The extinguishing of the torch is usually done by some esteemed athlete, but this year it was done by, ready? Snowflakes! And they even used the words that the flame would be put out by “snowflakes.” I ’bout fell off my chair. They are mocking us.


    1. I thought we (the Trenchers) were the conduit between lies and truth…………or as the song goes ‘the bridge’


  8. Glamorizing and making popular ridiculous and intellectually demeaning “fashion” is just another gift to US by joos. It feeds into stereotypes and causes hate amongst US. I think it’s disgusting and sure makes people look dumb and that’s the point.

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