Pomeranian found beaten to death, note left on body

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Members of a Florida family are searching for their dog’s killer after they found their Pomeranian beaten to death with a note on the body, reports Miami news station WPLG.

Fox, a Pomeranian, was 13 years old. His family had owned him since 2008.

Verline Barthelemy told Local 10 News she let Fox out of the house Friday while she was cooking but couldn’t find him a few minutes later.  

Saturday, Barthelemy’s boyfriend found the 13-year-old dog’s body on the back porch, along with a note that read, “We beat it 2 death. LOL! Hahaha!”

“My boyfriend texted me that picture and, it’s like, I just saw brown, so I was like, ‘Oh good, he found him,'” Barthelemy told Local 10. “But then I saw the note, and when I read it, it was just horrible, horrifying. I just started crying, like, I can’t even talk about it. It hurts.”

Barthelemy called police and took Fox’s body to a veterinarian, who confirmed the dog likely died from being repeatedly kicked. X-rays showed Fox had a dislocated spine, broken ribs and a broken jaw, among other injuries.

A photo provided by the family showed the dog’s body and the note that was found on Fox.

“What disturbs me the most is that somebody apparently thought this was humorous and took joy and pleasure in presenting the dog like this,” St. Francis Emergency Animal Hospital Dr. Ron Ridge told Local 10.

Barthelemy has posted fliers around her Pembroke Pines, Florida, community asking for information to help police make an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 954-431-2200.


11 thoughts on “Pomeranian found beaten to death, note left on body

  1. What demented creep derives pleasure from killing a little dog. Justice meated out properly would put those A-holes in a cage with killer elephants. Sign me up for 2 tickets.

  2. “… a note that read, “We beat it 2 death. LOL! Hahaha!”

    These are the kind of stupid people the revolution will eliminate.

    Gene pool cleansing time.

    1. Did you see the photo of the note? WPLG shows it. (I posted the link in my reply to Millard.)
      I wouldn’t wait for the revolution. I’d track them down Now.

      1. It’s really sick Angel-NYC. I can’t even say anything more. It’s a sad statement of the society we live in.

      2. Louisville Slugger attitude adjustment program, Angel.

        You don’t kill them, you just break bones in ways they’ll never heal properly.

        The despicable scumbags would wish they were dead.

  3. Didn’t we do a deal with the Pomeranian’s to control their bomb enrichment so that the middle east could get along?
    I worry about our world. I think it’s going to the dogs.

  4. If it were my dog ( but it would not be, because my dogs are like my children and I don’t take my eyes off of them when they are outside) I would drop everything and make it my mission in life to find those who were responsible for this and when I found them it would be the worst day of their life by any stretch of the imagination. That, I can assure you.

  5. I have many stitches from my pups I have rescued and I hold no grudge against them. I am a firm believer in punish/heal the offender/punish again. Repeat as necessary. Then do it again. That’s twisted and I’d have to get creative but I’d find a way. Humanity is not human any longer.

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