9 thoughts on “Your President: The Battle of the Billionaires takes place at WrestleMania

    1. He’ll do whatever his directors tell him to do and act however they say. Just like this ridiculous sh!# show.

  1. Don’t forget…
    Trump appointed Vince McMahon’s wife to run one of the Federal agencies.
    Can’t remember which one…
    Maybe someone out there can post the info.

      1. Thanks for posting that.
        What we are watching now is a bad B grade movie , sitcom, realty t.v. show push button laugh track …cartoon rerun.
        Then people have the nerve to think…
        I’m fkd up.. .?

        Its all in your face.
        Now just wipe off your face and act like this never happened.

        I wonder if Hulk Hogan can get an SBA loan.?

        1. LOL Literally sitting here and full well knowing yer NOT f’d up or crazy. Folks here are the smartest and most sane around.

          It’s the ones that buy this show that scare the bejesus out of me(until I remember I can stop them with my boomstick).

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