13 thoughts on “From the Trenches Press Pass

  1. I’m going to polish it up and make a better one at some point, my idea behind this is we are the press and should be the press, the biggest tool the enemy has is its media, we should give them a run for their money, they are always falling on their own sword anyhow with their lies, not to hard to beat them on a moral playing field so long as we have the intention of seeking truth and understanding no matter where it might lead.

    Thank you to all the Trenchers, I appreciate all you guys contribute.

    Right click on the press pass and save it, it is the same size as an ID card in portrait format and can be printed out in a multitude of ways, you can edit the image directly to add your info or use your actual photo and penmanship with laminate.

  2. Thank you!! I love my promotion and my new position. I find it cause to celebrate today. Also, I vow to be diligent on getting the true story and reporting the facts. It’s wonderful to be in this employ. So many new journalists/reporters will emerge. We’ll kill lies, annihilate gate-keeping, and restore honor, one story at a time.


    1. Your welcome 🙂 and I think your right, there is much going on in many of our areas and this pass can help soften the response from the “officials” (lol) when we go to film it.

      1. You read my mind, galen. I was just about to type that in the comments. Beat me to it. 😀 😀 😀

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