Problems Leaving Comments?

For those of you who are having problems posting comments, this post is for you as we have received several reports of what seems to be take-overs of individual computers trying to comment on From the Trenches, noting that this problem only occurs when trying to comment on From the Trenches and not other sites.

If you are able, tell us what you are experiencing and which browser you are using so that we can get the information to our server and hopefully get to the bottom of this.

If you are not able, send us an email at and we will post it for you.

43 thoughts on “Problems Leaving Comments?

  1. As this comment is a test, to see if it gets through ….
    I was totally unaware of the issue at hand.
    It did seem that comments were unusually low in number.
    As I write this ….adds come up playing, which I wish they wouldn’t.
    And the mouse is erratic in movement as well as the page.
    Somethings a foot.

  2. From a reader:

    Hi Henry I have not made comments but I have had lots of small issues when playing videos and bring up pages so loading no loading ect.. I think they are testing their new toys…Love your site and the stories you search out for us… Thanks Henry.

  3. Hey guys,
    Went to the site mid February and got hit hard. I got hit with adware and could not get rid of it. Had to redo whole computer. My computer was clicking like crazy. Your site was that way for two days. You know you are
    on target if your taking flak.

  4. mmmmmy ffffllw amiiiiiiiiiicrn:

    kdsfo oa oqsoooooooooo jcfosoyy sop hhhas

    sdfg vd vvv eeee fef

    JD – UUUUUS aaaaaaaaaaammaaaarinesnnes – Hmmm, I seem to be having a problem!!!!

    1. PS: My above comment is an example of the typical problems I encounter, not counting how S-L-O-W-E-D down the typing will get!! – JD


  5. This week I was having some problems when I logged onto FTT. Chinese or Japanese letters appeared to the top across the top of the page. I wasn’t having other problems. I have an account with Cox Tech Services. I called them and a tech cleaned at least one Trojan and some malware and basically tuned my computer up. Since then, FTT page has been problematic. Pages, reload with out prompting. When I click on any article on the ‘continue reading’ prompt, there are pop ups, and many scrolls running like crazy. Even writing now is glitchy. All other operations on my computer have been working great. All other web sites I’ve logged onto have had no problems. Doug

  6. I use firefox… I have slow phone frontier dsl… no problems here…. windows 7 on this system, like me, old but far from junk….

  7. I noticed if you don’t see “waiting for moderation” after you submit a comment, the comment will never appear. IE: if the comment disappears and you don’t get “waiting for moderation”, the comment ain’t happenin’.

  8. Testing…1…2…3

    I haven’t had problems yet, aside from the site being under attack yesterday, but one new phenomenon here is a screen-wide black flash every now and again, which makes me think someone else is watching my screen from their dirty, slimy, rat-infested government office.

    I’ll screw you where you breathe, you low-life piece of trash.

    Now testing comment editor, too.

    Looks like the only commenting problems for me involve the verification arithmetic. Can we get easier math tests?

    1. Update — fifteen minutes later, and I’m definitely being hacked. The screen’s jumping all over the place when I try to comment — soldiering on.

  9. I use firefox, and windows 7. sometimes when typing comments the page jumps up and down, and other times the typing appearance delayed. .

  10. I have the PARACLETE and Paul symptoms. I use Firefox and my phone sometimes. They like us, they REEEALLLY like us! 😀

  11. No problems here. Running XP with outdated firefox. ad blocker, and do not track me plus.Even though my pc is slow, ( no drive space left) old reliable proves reliable. Also I often go into the task mngr and look for PRISM svr. If that is there I end that process. One more thing is to always clear history and cookies. Like ten times a day.

    1. Hey Christopher. Question, do you really get a Prism svr in your task manager? And would that be in your processes or services… Thanks

  12. I experienced all of the problems discussed. I bit the bullet and reformatted the hard drive. Still loading some things but it doesn’t look like it solved much. At least I can get to the site today without getting “froze up” in a minute.

    other than it takes longer to post over the last 2 months.


    DO NOT USE Internet Explorer
    A 5 year old with moms ipad can hack you HARD. It is an open door. VERY open door. Also NEVER USE JAVA. Unless you do everything I recommend and trust the source.

    I use Mozilla firefox. Even google chrome is better than IE. FOR REAL!
    ONLY GET IT FROM MOZILLA site. Custom install and DE-SELECT the additional program downloads.(good to do every time every program)

    Once you have firefox… go up to Tools in the menu header. (you may need to turn that on first. all the way on the right 3line icon, bottom customize button, left bottom sho/hide toolbar, menu POOF its on) click add-ons.
    search GHOSTERY. Install. Search AD BLOCK PLUS. Install. Learn about ghostery. IT is AWESOME.

    PRIVACY tab
    dont tell anything about tracking
    use custom history settings.
    remember search/form and except 3rd party cookies from visited until expired. OK

    Then you get Ccleaner and Spy-bot Search and Destroy. ALL FREE AND SAFE.

    Hope this helps you guys. Clean your computers A LOT. IF you have time check out WIZTREE. It will show you what is slamming your hard drive space.

    ask me questions if you want.

  14. Haven’t had any problems posting comments, just slow in bringing up articles and links.

    Ntb installed all of the above, and I quit using Internet Explorer.


  15. Seems fine from a Windows 8 laptop using firefox from Greater Kanuckistan. Nada problems with scripts or posting. We shall see when I hit…
    And it worked….

  16. Other than my bad habit of typing to many cuss words (sorry if I was upsetting anyone, it wasn’t intentional) I’m not having any of the problems some folks are describing. I’m just using my cell phone and I do clear out my browser history and cookies pretty regularly. Other than having a weak signal ( I live next to cell phone dead zone, apparently) for my phone no troubles here so far.
    Damn spooks gotta mess with people the sneaky way….their to cowardly to do it in person because they know what we would do to em. At least, what I would do to em anyways. If I had a decent car and enough cash I’d find out where the scum is at and see how they like being messed with in the real world. This nonsense would stop, real effing fast.

  17. Comments are slow to load, only occasionally now does it appear that something is interfering with typing, but if I am making a long comment and referencing other sites, I compose the comment in word, then copy and paste into the comment section.

    I use Firefox and Adblock Plus, as well as CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I was having too many problems with 3rd party cookies, and then problems with on-site cookies that I disabled all cookies and now only allow them on the few sites that won’t allow me access otherwise. That said, I still do a wipe with CCleaner every time I close the browser, and sometimes when I’m doing extended searches I close the browser and do a wipe to free things up.

    For those using Firefox on an IE platform, you still need to go into IE tools and internet options and disable cookies, temporary internet files, etc., in IE. It makes a difference.

    UStream was always a nightmare, poking around and locking things up to the point that if I wanted to read comments while listening to the broadcast on UStream then I had to open two windows to FTTWR, one to minimize Ustream. I’m glad you decided to abandon it, but I suspect it may have left some malware behind.

  18. Delays in typing, frozen screen, or typing stopped suddenly, using MSN. Have to log out and come back in, and even sometimes message, this site not available.

  19. Hi Henry,

    My recent posts seem to apply quickly, I use “duck duck go” but I type the site in directly. All sites I go to are saved on my iPad.

    To be honest I only post comments here, no where else. Hope this helps.

  20. Windows 7 and Chrome,

    Have had various issues only on this site since Feb. Yesterday the pages were constantly going to top of page after what looked like a seizure. In Feb all the ads were all over the articles.

  21. I’ve been accessing this site over the last couple of years using an iPad, with the safari browser, and started having problems posting at the end of February. This morning was the first time the main page, or any article for that matter, started acting erratically. I reset my device to factory and started fresh. This site seems to be fine right now. Whatever was causing it, a virus or whatever, seemed to be wiped away with the reset.

    I accessed FTT this morning on my husband’s Mac, Firefox browser, Adblock, ghostery, do not track me, and custom history/browsing and a few other goodies I cannot remember off the top of my head. No issues.

    My laptop is also a Mac, with all of the same settings as my husband’s desktop. I just went out and got a keyboard for it, because a few of my keys stopped working due to my clumsiness of spilling water awhile back. No issues.
    I do want to add: I only read and post through the iPad. No other site had stability issues. This is the only site that I post comments on.

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