7 thoughts on “Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!

  1. The producer of this show was shot dead recently (shown below), a single bullet to the head. The guy in the video (above) had his house raided by 40 plus FBI. Game over..

    1. I am still trying to figure out how the rounds are fed into the upper that is mounted on the drone. There is a hose attached to the rear of the upper, but the top mount has no mag that I can see. There is also no buffer or bolt that is visible. It appears to be a portion of a barrel with a rail system mounted on it and a plastic hose in the rear. Could be some clever CGI and a cool looking toy.

  2. Yes Mark, I have heard about that. I heard that he was strapped to a chair and murdered . Yea I have always liked this guy – and that other guy above in the article – videos. I read about that last year………I love it ” That was awesome, just look at that guys head rolling down that hill.” at about the 2:35 mark. 😆 😎

    1. Yes Millard, KABOOM AND OFF GOES THE HEAD. Actually I am the type to gut shoot the bastard cops and watch the f*ers lay there squirming on the ground so I can have the pleasure to spit in there putrid dyin` face. 👿 😯 😎

  3. Not hard to believe the feds kicked in his door. It is a federal crime to fire a firearm via remote control or autonomously. The feds like the monopoly they have in that field.

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