Psychiatric medications found in home of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, who underwent 18 months of psychiatric ‘treatment’

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Just as Natural News publicly predicted in a widely-circulated article entitled Germanwings jetliner catastrophe: The first antidepressant drug-induced mass murder of the skies?, psychiatric drugs have now been located and identified by law enforcement authorities searching the home of the murder-suicide co-pilot.

As the Straits Times now reports:

Investigators made the discovery in a search of the home of Andreas Lubitz in the western city of Duesseldorf and seized a number “of medicines for the treatment of psychological illness”, Welt am Sonntag weekly said.

“The 27-year-old has been treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists,” it quoted an unidentified high-ranking investigator as saying, in excerpts released ahead of Sunday’s edition…

The same story goes on to report:

On Friday they said searches of his homes netted “medical documents that suggest an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment”…

In today’s global system of pharma-dominated health care, so-called “appropriate medical treatments” for depression consist almost entirely of mind-altering medications which have been repeatedly linked to mass school shootings.

“The police found antidepressants during a search of his apartment here on Thursday,” reports The New York Times, further confirming that the SSRI drug link to Lubitz.

A Reuters story also explains, “German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quoted a senior investigator as saying the 27-year-old “was treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists”, adding that a number of medications had been found in his Duesseldorf apartment.”

18 months of psychiatric “treatment” on medications, but still allowed to fly

According to the Daily Mail, Lubitz “…reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying.”

As I noted in a previous Natural News article, SSRI drugs are considered so dangerous by the FAA that U.S. pilots are not allowed to fly commercial or private airplanes if they are currently taking antidepressant medications. (The FAA knows SSRI drugs can make pilots suicidal.)

It now appears Andreas Lubitz was attempting to hide his psychiatric treatment and medications from authorities, and he may have stopped taking SSRI drugs in order to pass a urine test or blood test.

“[T]he other possible explanations for Lubitz’s actions are that he may have stopped taking his medication so it would not be detected in any medical tests…” reports the Daily Mail. Other behavior demonstrates by Lubitz is also consistent with this idea, such as his tearing up of doctors’ notes to avoid submitting them to his employer.

“Regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy”

Also from the Daily Mail:

He reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying. But, incredibly, he passed his psychological assessments and was later considered fit to fly.

German police are now investigating whether Lubitz had stopped taking any medication he was on and have questioned chemists at the Apotheke am Breidenplatz close to Lubitz’s Dusseldorf flat.

Lubitz regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy, MailOnline understands. A chemist at the Apotheke confirmed she had spoken to the police but declined to offer any details.

As with all such stories, there will be enormous pressure exerted on the mainstream media by the pharmaceutical industry to downplay any link between SSRI drugs and this mass murder tragedy. But given the repeated pattern of mass murder carried out by people who are either currently taking SSRI drugs or have recently quit taking them, we must ask the obvious question: Can psychiatric meds transform a normal person into a mass murderer?

Until society honestly asks this question, many more people might unnecessarily die from acts of violence which are induced by psychiatric medications.

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8 thoughts on “Psychiatric medications found in home of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, who underwent 18 months of psychiatric ‘treatment’

  1. I wouldn’t let any of these “Prozac prodigies” (good one, Mr. Koernke) anywhere near me.

    There’s no telling what they might do, and they’re responsible for thousands of violent murders every year. You can go to sleep at night and wake up to your loving wife trying to bury a hatchet in your head.

    The Zio-news reports all of the gory killings, but they never reveal what medications the killer is on. They’ll never make the connection between the brutal murders and these SSRI drugs or the lawsuits would swamp the pharmaceutical corporations.

  2. It’s taken them awhile, but I guess they’ve finally decided on the “lone gunman” theory for this tragedy. They threw this guy under the bus very, very early in the investigation. It almost seems like they wanted to control the narrative from the start.
    I still believe they haven’t found the data from the flight data recorder.
    Maybe the “mechanics” didn’t put the data card in when the significant electronics maintenance was done the day before this incident.
    This still doesn’t answer the question about why the anti-hijacking auto-pilot remote control wasn’t used. This was basically the same thing.
    There was lots of time for the other pilot/crew to call and have the system activated.
    I also find it interesting that, although it probably has nothing to do with it, the media hasn’t mentioned he had a Jewish background.
    I guarantee that if he was Muslim it would be the headline on every news outlet and the psychiatric angle would be completely ignored.

  3. Gotta love the wide range of b.s. excuses being presented. Saw another article (should have sent that one too) with his ex-girlfriend claiming she aced him because he was gay, and that’s why he crashed the plane. At least I think that’s how I the story went.

    Need to get a bigger shovel.

    1. SSDD. Big Pharma has the answer for all malaise. Can’t sleep, take this. Can’t stay awake, take this. Need a boner, take this. “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV! “I recommend “Bonerall” for those with erectile dysfunction”. Erectile dysfunction, what does that exactly mean? They play off of our sophomoric fears to sell their drugs and, if you think for 1 minute that they actually give a sh*t about you, or anyone else for that matter, you are hallucinating at best, and delusional at worst.

      1. 18 months in a “rubber room” would provide more than adequate time to classically condition a Manchurian candidate for the task. Oh, dammit, I’ve delved into the Conspiracy Theory category. (Pavlov was able to do it with dogs)

        1. “Do it with dogs” didn’t look quite right once posted. Pavlov was able to prove the theory of classical conditioning with the dogs he utilized in the experiment. That sounds a little better. We’re talking MK Ultra.

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