8 thoughts on “Rally to Save the Klamath River Dams – Mark Baird says The Time Has Come For 51

  1. gentlemen. when they move equiptment in to destroy the dams, just remember all that 30-06,.308,.243 ammo youve stocked, and keep in mind how expensive hydraulic hoses, valves, etc are………..GET TO WORK

  2. Henry, i hope i can see your answer, since i dont know if its good or bad to remove them as i read a Farmer say he wanted them gone. So i trust you as you live there, do you agree they need removed? Thank you

    1. Whether the dams should be removed or not is a question that should be put before all the people. And if they are to be removed the people who have prospered from their being should pay the tab, instead of having that burden shifted to the people who have been paying outrageous utility bills to build mountains of wealth for the select few who were literally given the dams that the people had to pay to build.
      If the silt is going to kill the salmon run and require, again more money from people who do not have it, to finance clean ups, then the dams should stay and the people who have been making the wealth should have to pay out of their profits for the upgrades and maintenance to keep the dams viable.
      Truth is, as all of this has been done in secret by people with zero authority to do so, it is hard to know what is best for the people and the river.

  3. The state of jefferson is not the solution.
    With that reasoning, your expecting a government to solve the problem of government.
    People have to get the idea out of their mind that government is needed.
    If you think you need government, you have lost the war.

  4. If taking out these dams is so good, why does the Grants Pass Daily Courier ask this question on 9/20/2015, on the front page, “The Lost Creek Dam Keeps Rogue River Running”? The reason they are taking out dams all across the country is this … This is all Agenda 21 at work here. It’s all about controlling the resources(Water) and getting people out of rural areas and forcing them into big cities, where the government can control people better. I believe IMHO this is all a plan by “The Powers That Be” to control water. Don’t all these “Conservationists/Ecologists see what is happening? Take all those dams that hold all that water away, and when there is a drought, THINGS GET DRY REAL FAST!!! Dams hold water in reserve. Dams feed the animals in the area and keep the ground moist. Dams also keep the humidity up in the area. Does anyone remember how the hydrologic cycle works!!! When they take these Dams out the water just runs straight through to the ocean.Now add in Chem-trails and H.A.A.R.P. and you have weather control/modification/geoengineering.
    Here are some things to google if you are unaware of all this: Agenda 21, Full Spectrum Dominance, Chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P.
    Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order
    Sustainable Destruction – Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America
    Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013
    The Delphi Technique
    Silver Shield
    by TruthNeverTold

  5. M Knight has it correct. I have lived in Klamath County for 16 years and it is extremely hard to find anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size. Agenda 21!….whats that……chemtrails!….oh….you must be one of those “conspiracy theorists” …….”I don’t pay any attention to all that garbage”…….this what I hear day in and day out. As for having the balls to actually forcefully stop the dam removal…….I would say that will never happen in a land of tv watching, boose swilling brain dead idiots….(not all of you, just most) who are no more than paper tigers in a rainstorm. This County is as corrupt as the rest and they know in the end they can do to us whatever they please because the people are to stupid, apathetic and complacent to ever do anything about it………..funny how the jail is ALWAYS right at max capacity for years on end. The local no-news news paper is nothing more than a sesame street comic book that would never dare to mention any real news. I don’t have much hope anymore for this place but there is really nowhere else to go as it is the same everywhere.

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