Recalling the letter of Eric Frein

As I was thinking about Ferguson, MO. and the possibility of massive protests this weekend along with all the other news that is upon us right now this very moment, I started thinking about that letter Eric Frein supposedly left behind about the details on the night of the shooting.

I believe that not one of us here (including myself) and on other sites that commented about this letter besides it being a BS story caught what Mr. Frein actually said in this letter.

Tidbit from the letter,  Frein, 31, wrote that he ran back to his Jeep and drove into a road block about half a mile away, Bivens said.  

“I didn’t expect one so soon,” Bivens said, again reading from the letter. “It was only 15 to 20 minutes. I did a K-turn a quarter mile from them and pulled into a development I knew had unfinished access road.”

Now, imagine your Mr. Frein and you have decided to pull this off, most likely you would know when the shifts are changing which means you would have to study a few things which are crucial to your goal.  The location of the entry and exit doors, the building itself, the times when there are shift changes, what time is best for light foot/vehicle traffic into and out of this building/parking lot, your surroundings, your exit points, your position of fire, lighting, etc, etc.

If you’ve done your homework, then all should go according to plan, right? Right!

Now read the above quoted letter again and think about what he supposedly wrote down.  He did not expect a road block so soon, 15 to 20 minutes.  Here is the best part, you’ve staked this place out and you have re enacted this over and over again in your mind and your planning, right? Right!  Remember, he supposedly did war reenactments and was a survivalist.

So if he knew or thought that his plan was full proof, then why I ask you did he not just go through this road block dumping his equipment and any evidence that he might have had on him first?  A logical thinking person especially one who calculated his very actions would without a doubt know that they would never have known it was him at a road block.

Which means one of two things, 1) The police never set up a road block as quickly as Mr. Frein proclaims in his letter, or a road block at all, and this story is bogus beyond belief, or 2) Mr. Frein is the dumbest war re enacting survivalist out there and decided to shoot police officers on the fly.

Remember years back, the Beltway Sniper?  This is a guy who wanted to kill his ex wife, so he planned out everything to fool the police and FBI by killing random people so that when the time came to kill his ex wife, she would be just another random victim which would leave him protected from getting caught.  If you planned everything, every scenario, then there would be no reason to turn around at a road block, because if you just shot someone, and you started driving toward a road block and decided ” oh crap, I better turn around in case they catch me”, your brain dead!

I’m pretty sure your brain works like mine, (us thinking to ourselves) “we just shot some people and if we turn around now upon seeing this road block that might look a little suspicious and we most likely will get caught”, am I right?  Damn straight I’m right!

I think this weekend might be the story that breaks on his capture if these riots get out of hand in  Missouri, either way this story on Mr. Frein stinks to high heaven.

What say you?


2 thoughts on “Recalling the letter of Eric Frein

  1. There is a pattern to it. Every 3 or 4 days the police need say something to keep him in public mind and there eyes open for him. So a police slander release and more excuse to gun him down on site. Strange only the police see him at only over 100 yards but no one else ever does. Sounds more like a police gost hunt. They have dogs but are afraid to go into the timber after him as well. In hot persuit. It is a very strange man hunt. There is something being hid by the police. And made the 10 most wanted list with out commiting a Federal crime. A first for any criminal there. Out of there jurisdiction till he cross’s a State line or commits a Federal crime. So he has set new standards of law inforcement. Very strange here.

  2. If the letter is authentic, Frein should have expected a dragnet within 15 minutes of the shooting.

    If he had tried to pass the road block, he would have been detained as a person of interest. Any gun powder residue would make him a suspect. His history of disliking law enforcement and emulating soldiers would confirm him as a suspect. Searches might discover his weapon, boot prints, clothing fibers or DNA.

    Frein was right to avoid the road block. He was wrong to bring his vehicle without quick access to major highways where he could dissappear into the traffic or off road paths that cops would not easily access.

    My opinion.

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