Rev. Jesse Jackson says he would help Donald Sterling sell the team

donald-sterling-jesse-jacksonSports Bank – by Paul M. Banks

Rev. Jesse Jackson joined Bloomberg Television’s Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle following NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s press conference. The Rev. Jesse Jackson said:

“There’s nothing more that needs to be done. I’m sure he has polled the owners… No owner will stand against this recommendation and vote for Sterling. If they did not do it, you would have mutiny by the players, boycotts by the fans and more dropouts from the advertisers.”  

“I cannot imagine any owner embracing what Sterling said about Black people. He went a step further relative to Israel and Blacks and Jews, how the blacks treated Israel. He took it very extreme and provocative dimensions. I think this is a big statement. We should celebrate Chris Paul and Doc Rivers, Those that stood up in the heat of the battle. Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaq.”

“There was a big fight to get Jackie Robinson on the field. A big fight when we had to fight to win the eligibility by Spencer Haywood. These are our defining moments.”

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“Yes I would help [Sterling if he called me]. [I would tell him] You should put the team up for sale.”


2 thoughts on “Rev. Jesse Jackson says he would help Donald Sterling sell the team

  1. Lots of blacks in the NBA; affirmative action is required in the NBA – Jesse would agree with that I am sure. They don’t want to be racist, no doubt.

    fk Jesse & fk the NBA

  2. You can bet he won’t be doing it for free. So say the team is worth 600 million, a nice 2% “agents fee” of that would be a nice 12 million in his pocket. Of course he may even refuse payment, and just accept a large donation into one of his non profits that he has the keys to.

    The country’s #1 race parasite steps forward with his hands out again.

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