Rick Perry takes Sean Hannity on border tour

Texas Gov. Rick Perry talks to the media after touring the McAllen Border Patrol station, Monday June 23, 2014, at the Texas Department of Public Safety regional headquarters in Weslaco, Texas. Perry said the number of immigrants being arrested has created an Politico – by KENDALL BREITMAN

Sean Hannity traveled with Texas Gov. Rick Perry to tour by air and by water his state’s border with Mexico on Thursday, highlighting the workers there whose efforts Perry says regularly fall on “deaf ears.”

After an influx of immigrants from Central America crossed the United States’ southern border, Hannity and Perry visited the Texas Department of Public Safety to look at the crisis, in a report that aired on Fox News’ “Hannity.”  

“I trust the people, the professionals, that work on this border every day,” Perry said. “They put their lives on the line, they’ve given good intel, they’ve given good information back to the administration and all too often it has landed on deaf ears or there is a level of ineptitude that is of great concern to me.”

Since the crisis began, Perry has been a leading vocal critic of how the Obama administration has handled the southern borders. Problems worsened after President Barack Obama made a trip the Texas this week and did not stop to visit the border, saying he had no interest in a political photo opp.

“This isn’t about politics, it’s about showing the American people that you care, that you understand and that you have interest in solving the problem,” Perry said.

During the visit, DPS Director Steve McCraw told the two that those who crossed the border illegally were responsible for 642,000 criminal offenses in the United States from 2008 to 2014. After hearing this, Perry suggested that the problems could be quelled by adding 1,000 National Guards to the border.

“When you add that thousand National Guard troops, the visual of that is what’s so powerful and that is what gets sent to Central America very quickly is that, ‘You know what? This border’s not for us anymore, we can’t just come across anymore,’” Perry said. “It allows the Border Patrol to get back to what Border Patrol does and does best, which is interdict all these criminal activities.”

Perry outlined the three elements that would better secure the borders as “boots on the ground, drones in the air and strategic fencing.”

“The goal here is to impress upon the president … that if you want to secure this country we can,” Perry said.

Hannity and Perry were warned before the tour by McCraw that they were “going to have to pitch yourself a couple of times to get back to the fact that you’re in America, because a lot of the stuff you’re going to be seeing … is almost like dealing with Middle East conflicts.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/sean-hannity-rick-perry-immigrant-crisis-tour-texas-108800.html#ixzz37Do3W0IJ

4 thoughts on “Rick Perry takes Sean Hannity on border tour

  1. So now we are going on tour? Why don’t we have a friggin’ REALITY TV Show called, “Illegal survivors” while we’re at it and make it into a movie after a year and even sell souvenirs and playing cards. Hell, let’s make it a friggin’ tourist attraction to add to this insanity.


    Send troops to the border to stop this shit and deport these illegals NOW, including all the “children”, if there are any.

  2. PLEASE! Why why why is he wasting his time on the propaganda news folks??? I have long quit listening and or watching public tv inclusive of the news. They’re “useless tools” for the owners and cannot even SPEAK the TRUTH unless it’s OK’d by their owners!!! USELESS report and useless news!!!

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