Rifle Target Company Sues NBC News And Affiliate After Being Called ‘Bomb Makers’ On Today Show

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An Oregon-based exploding target company is suing NBC News and one of its local affiliates for a report featured on the morning program Today which labeled its feature product “dangerous.”  

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Tannerite, which has manufactured “safe binary exploding targets,” was itself the target of a report by NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen (pictured above) on Today. The segment initially aired March 23, according to Bearing Arms, which initially broke the story.

Entitled “Bombs for Sale” on his segment Rossen Reports, Rossen contended the product is “basically” a bomb when introducing the report, and said the key ingredient in Tannerite’s product, ammonium nitrate, was the same ingredient that was used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Bearing Arms refuted several of the claims in the report, including the connection to the Oklahoma City bombing:

The primary use for ammonium nitrate is as an stable inexpensive, water-soluble high-nitrogen fertilizer to increase plant growth and increase crop yields. Without ammonium nitrate, you’d be paying a lot more for all your vegetables (from arugula to zucchini) and for grain products, such as breads.

This “same substance” is a shelf-stable and inflammable oxidizer, every bit as dangerous to handle and transport as sand from the beach.

A print story featured on the Today website was still up as of this publishing.

WLEX, based in Lexington, Ky., posted an article along with the NBC News report asserting it was illegal to mix the two components of Tannerite, which Bearing Arms noted was factually inaccurate. Unlike the Today article, the WLEX posting has been removed from their website.

On behalf of the firm Mendelsohn, Drucker, and Dunleavy, Tannerite hit both NBC News Universal and WLEX with a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of New York last Thursday.


The suit contends the following:

  • On March 23, 2015, Defendant NBCU released a defamatory “report” that falsely claimed that Plaintiff’s rifle targets are “Bombs for sale.”
  • Defendant’s NBCU’s investigative reporter holding Tannerite products falsely asserted that “Right now I am basically holding a bomb in my hand.”
  • On March 24, 2015, Defendant WLEX published an Internet article that falsely asserted that Plaintiff’s targets are “ready made bombs [that] are being sold in sporting goods stores…..”
  • WLEX article states: “There is a federal law prohibiting people from manufacturing [Tannerite] products, but none preventing people from buying as much of it as they can carry.” As stated, WLEX’s article falsely asserts that the workers of Tannerite Sports, LLC are breaking federal law when manufacturing Tannerite® products.
  • NBCU’s report and video, and WLEX’s article, contain one or more written false statements that were intended to impugn Plaintiff’s rifle targets and Plaintiff’s reputation in the sporting industry.
  • Bombs are destructive devices that are strictly regulated by the federal and state governments.
  • Plaintiff’s rifle targets are not bombs.
  • Federal guidelines allow consumers to purchase Tannerite-brand rifle targets for personal, non-commercial use; and the consumer is allowed, under federal guidelines, to mix the precursors at the target-practice location and shoot the target.
  • Tannerite-brand rifle targets can be legally used for sporting activities.

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4 thoughts on “Rifle Target Company Sues NBC News And Affiliate After Being Called ‘Bomb Makers’ On Today Show

  1. I hope they win big time
    so big ,, that NBC is gone..

    Cares ..about your news, problem is sheeple listen to them and actually believe their lies .. cant wait for the office idiot to tell me..” can you believe Cabelas is selling bombs”
    because it will be the same office idiot that told me my AR15 is a military assault rifle , and that I dont need a 15 round magazine

  2. When all is said and done, it’s simply more revenue for the court system.

    Regardless of the outcome.

  3. These MSM A-holes need a hefty heaping helping of a reality check as per usual.

    The OKC bombing was accomplished using something MUCH more destructive than a box truck packed with ANFO & TWO idiots to drive it there.

    At best it’s a cratering demo charge for a pushing &/or shoving effect. To vaporize a multi-story building made from steel reinforced concrete you need a hi-explosive w/a brisance much, much, much higher than ammonium nitrates slowly oxidizing 2,700 MPS/8,900FPS blast rate. But I don’t know anything about that sorta stuff….

    Are they trying to go after ALL of our FUN?(or @ least what’s left of it) Seems so? What was considered a good weekend & time well spent in the 60’s-90’s is now a felony…..Get creative n’ make your own high times
    The recipe is easy enough.
    I’ve heard it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes still on?

  4. So what if it even IS bomb material? Government has it. We can too. F them and their double-standards. An inanimate object is not criminal or unlawful in itself until it is used in a manner which harms others for no good purpose.

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