8 thoughts on “Right on, so bring it

  1. Or in case a piece of sh#t COMMIE like YOU, JAMES, is in dire need of a dirt overcoat.


    And YOU, b#tch, I’d like to see a Louisville Slugger planted upside your nigger jewb#tch head.


    1. Is James a bad guy? #1..

      Im here to learn , so dont burn me
      but I would think many on our side would agree with what he said

      1. Aside from the fact that he’s obviously pushing the commie false left-right paradigm agenda, EotS, I’m fairly certain he’s one of the Hollywood maggots calling for more gun control.

        1. maybe so
          but I’ve read many of his rebuttals to the leftists and snowflakes
          and he sure seems to hit it right on the head

          I haven’t seen him call for any gun control , mostly the opposite

          is he a Hollywood maggot? very possible ..but he could be one that gets the big picture

          1. I could be wrong, but so very few of them AREN’T for more gun control. The last actor I had any respect for was “Pry it from my cold, dead hands” Heston, as far as the gun control issue goes.

            Have you ever seen photos of that guy’s arsenal? OUTSTANDING COLLECTION!!!

            I’d give my left nut for just half of it! 🙂

  2. Heston I have a lot of respect for

    if you have time look up James Woods and some of his videos and tweets
    you might come away with a slightly different view of him, he has a way of putting it right back into them , and exposing hypocrisy with very little meat left on their bones, and unless its a game..he aint much of a Jew lover either and aint afraid to say so.. i think he gets the game thats being played on all of us,( hopefully im not wrong..because that woud mean that lighting struck twice 🙂 jk

    although today its hard to really know what side of history they will end up on , I guess thats true for a lot

    1. Woods is good people, very rare to see a Hollywood type say it like woods. Now you take that Jew loving piece of shit George looney and you got a scumbag schlong, worthy of a meat puppet B lister maggot pie.

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