Right Wing Enraged Over Hagel Speech On Israel

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[From Breitbart]  New footage of a speech by Chuck Hagel in 2008 has surfaced, in which the former Senator mocked the idea of continuing the U.S. policy of confronting Iran and supporting Israel. “When I hear the talk about–well you can’t talk with Iran, you can’t talk with Syria and we’re, we should stay where we are and support Israel, and so on, well you miss the point,” he told the laughing audience at an event for his bookAmerica: Our Next Chapter.

Hagel added that the U.S. “shouldn’t even be thinking about the options of bombing Iran,” even in the event of a nuclear attack on Israel, and suggested Israel would be the first to attack Iran with a nuclear weapon.

Hagel told the Senate on Jan. 31 that he could not provide records or video for more than four of the “hundreds” of speeches he had given over the previous five years because they had not been transcribed or recorded: MORE HERE



2 thoughts on “Right Wing Enraged Over Hagel Speech On Israel

    1. Hagel appears to be a patriot in stark contrast to Brennan. Interesting how both nominations came up at the same time? Some smoky backroom deal?

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