Rothschild’s New World Order – China – And The Destruction Of United States Of America

Wardo Rants

Since the 1970’s traitorous Jewish subverts in the American government: Henry Kissinger, Richard M. Nixon and George H. W. Bush cut the deals with China on behalf of the Rothschilds, to send American Manufacturing into the Jewish Communist Country of CHINA. Now in full implementation with nearly all of US manufacturing off-shored to China .. now the American’ People’s resources are being stolen and shipped to supply the very displaced American jobs.

THIS EXPLOSIVE DOCUMENTARY CONNECTS THE DOTS TO ALL OF THE KEY PLAYERS .. The Ring that binds them all .. the Chabad Lubavitch .. Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia The psychological operations being waged on Western Countries.

4 thoughts on “Rothschild’s New World Order – China – And The Destruction Of United States Of America

  1. Here’s the problem with all this Dune-esque “plans within plans within plans” stuff: one person must be running the “plans” (and it’s not Emperor Shaddam IV or Baron Harrkonen), and that “one person” isn’t even a person. Any mention of the Talmud? Any mention of the synagogue of Satan?

    Oh, and, according to anti-Zionist preacher Steven Anderson of “Marching to Zion” fame, most people on Earth going back to 70 AD have “Jewish” DNA in them, somehow, what with all the diasporas. Then you have the IMF run by a woman with the same last name as myself–are you saying Christine ol’ girl is Jewish? Then likely so is my husband, who gave me that last name (oh, and my maiden name just happens to be German…I guess my maiden name was changed by a Khazar Jew as well. I mean, if even Hitler is related to Jews…). Look, kiddo, if you’re gonna blame everything on Jews, at least have the honesty to say WHICH JEWS–the problem is THE TALMUD and Talmudic Jewry. The funniest thing is that these Talmudic Jews are mostly gentile… Ah, the deception! Just another reason to call Talmudic Jewry the Synagogue of Satan.

  2. The destruction of America …by experience.

    Are the Family Courts.

    A corporate free for all for interstate and international child trafficking.

    For a benefit.

    If there was a mark for muthrfkrs to accidentally die.

    They would be the first on my list.

    Ahhh… for example…

    There is video tape in Vegas… of a Federal Marshal trying to assault… a mother in Family court.

    I’ve seen it.

    But that’s the beauty of the internet.

    It exposes every that is real.


    Everything that’s not.

  3. Henry, every time you talk about being there for your neighbor I think of this story:

    The Arabic Legend of the White Bull

    Once upon a time three bulls lived in the forest. One white, one brown and one black. They were brothers and lived together in harmony. In that forest also lived a tiger who had his eye on the bulls. But every time he attacked one of them the others came to his aid and together they drove the tiger away.

    The tiger decided that he needed to change his strategy. So one day when the Black Bull was away, he went to the other two and said, “You know, the Black Bull is black and dirty and evil. Why do you keep him with you? He is a disgrace to you. You are beautiful and noble. If the Black Bull is no longer there, you will have all the grazing to yourself. He takes away your food and adds no value to you.” The two bulls listened to the tiger’s spiel and said, “Well, you know, he is our brother. What can we do?”

    “You need not do anything at all,” said the tiger. “I am your friend. I will do what needs to be done. Just don’t come to the aid of the Black Bull when he calls you.” The others agreed.

    The next day, they heard the voice of the Black Bull calling for help in anguish and fear. They listened to him and went back to their grazing. Gradually the calls stopped. The two brothers could not look each other in the eye but then, nice green grass wipes away memories and after a little while it was as if the Black Bull never existed.

    Then one day the tiger came to the White Bull when he was alone and said, “So are you happy with the advise I gave you? Didn’t I advise you well? Now here is another advise. You are the real king of the forest. You are White and clean and pure and holy and beautiful. You are wise and good. You deserve to live in solitary splendor like a king. Not with some dirty brown trash who you have to share your food with. Why do you need him? He is a liability and an embarrassment to you.” 

    “Well, what should I do?”
    “You know the score. Nothing at all. I am there to take care of everything for you. Just relax.”

    Next day, the White Bull heard the dying screams of the Brown Bull and closed his ears and went back to his grazing. The White Bull lived for a few days all by himself, grazing where he wanted and drinking from the clean streams of the forest. Then one morning the tiger came again. From the look in his eyes, the White Bull knew that this visit was different. All his life flashed before his eyes. He recalled the time when the three brothers stood together, shoulder to shoulder. Then he recalled all the incidents since then. As the tiger sat before him, not in any hurry, knowing that the result was predetermined, the White Bull said to him, “I have one last wish. Will you grant it to me?”

    “Anything at all my friend,” said the tiger.

    The White Bull then climbed a hill and when he got to the top of it, he called out to the people of the forest, “Oh! People, I do not die today. I died the day the Black Bull died.”


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