Saiga-12 vs Remington 870

Published on Sep 17, 2012 by tfblkhwkguy

Fitty%TACTICAL and crew go to the range again and see a guy there doing some shotgun drills. Fitty% asks him if hes heard of the Saiga-12 and he says he has but that his pump is more reliable. So Fitty% tells him to shoot both. The weapon tp have the least malfunctions wins.

3 thoughts on “Saiga-12 vs Remington 870

  1. wow my 870 do not do that what did he do never clean it..oh my 870 is a 16 ga. 1958 model good at rapide fire off the waist..just hold down on the triger and pump it..

  2. Looks like the Saiga’s dependability rates right up there with the AK, at least in the firing category.

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