School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

Published on Feb 22, 2018

Parkland, Fla. student Colton Haab says he pulled out of a CNN town hall on gun control because producers re-worded and wrote out his question for him. #Tucker

5 thoughts on “School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

  1. This to me is just a push for the great Fox, “fair and balanced.”

    That bad CNN is scripted, but we at Fox NEVER script or edit out news.

    Blah, blah, blah.

    All of your ratings are in the trash. We don’t need you as we have our own independent actual journalists that don’t read from the joo script given to every msm broadcaster.

    Fox LIED to the American people about 9/11 for starters.

    1. Katie, you’re 100% right. I actually wanted to comment earlier when I posted it. If you notice fox and the rest of the right wingers (same as the left tok me) keep talking about taking measures and where do we go from here referring to gun control li me Tucker Carlson did in this video. Also, when this kid asked to read the question CNN wouldn’t let him, Carlson stalled him and never let him ask it.

  2. “…Those of us in the actual journalism business…” LOL That just kills me!
    I’m gonna be giggling all day! Thanks Fu…I mean Tucker!

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