Second evacuation possible at Oroville Dam


OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Authorities in Northern California are warning that they could issue another evacuation order for residents living near the Oroville Dam.  

(Photo Credit: California Department of Water Resources) (Photo: Kelly M. Grow, Public Domain)

Nearly 200,000 residents were told to evacuate over the weekend when a hole was discovered in the dam’s main concrete spillway.

Authorities say the threat has eased and they’re now developing a repair plan that could cost as much as $200 million.

California’s water agency says the Oroville Dam’s water level continues to decrease but it hasn’t said by how much.

Authorities said earlier the reservoir’s water level had been reduced 15 feet by Tuesday afternoon. Officials hope to continue using a damaged main spillway to drain the lake another 37 feet in preparation for coming rain forecast for Wednesday night.

Over the weekend, the swollen lake spilled down the unpaved emergency spillway for nearly 40 hours, leaving it badly eroded. The problem occurred six days after engineers discovered a growing hole in the dam’s main concrete spillway.

The Department of Water Resources says in a statement dozens of construction crews are dropping 1,200 tons of material on the earthen emergency spillway per hour using heavy equipment and helicopters.

It says crews are working around the clock and the area is being continually monitored with the help of drones carrying cameras.

2 thoughts on “Second evacuation possible at Oroville Dam

  1. It’s totally safe people. Ya’ll better run like hell…but it’s totally safe.
    I wonder how well those camera drones work in the rain?
    They must have little drone umbrella’s that they can attach to em. Probably cuts down on mobility and flight time.
    One strong wind gust and the drone will wind up stuck in a tree.
    How they gonna get it down now?
    Somebody get the hook!

  2. What… they haven’t already stolen everything worth stealing?

    Maybe missed a few guns (whose owners are on the REGISTERED list)?

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