16 thoughts on “Senator Feinstein speaks to CNN about assault weapons, sequestration

  1. have fun at the war, pussy morgan and lieanne slimestein [who is a dual citizen of israel folks, along with 17 other zionroaches infecting our government]. 3 inches longer, laying down.

  2. I tried to watch the whole video but as soon as the “Wicked Witch from the west started snarling I was overcome by this feeling of impeding vomit. As we used to say back in the day, I didn’t want to “buy a buick”!

  3. Been trying to communicate telepathically with the attack dogs, both canine and human, who surround this bitch (and pelousy, too), that surround them for “protection”. “Turn on her (it), tear it up”. So far, it ain’t working. The pit bulls, shepherds, and retards are too well fed to realize their mistress is a demon.

  4. I do not even recognize a morphing witch like that. And that F`er that is interviewing her with that limey fag accent makes me sick to my stomach. How bad does it get with those two on the same video. She talks about gun violence then why doesn`t she be a little more real about the situation and talk about the gun violence that the cops get off doing. Has she ever said anything about how the cops are shooting innocent victims – Has any of these anti gun bastards ever said anything about cop violence? just a thought. Talk about gun violence then I think they aught to start with the LEO mother F`ers!

  5. O.K. I have a confesssion to make. I sent this one in without watching it either.

    I figured the title pretty much gave away the plot.

  6. Sure hope these people have good hidding places..when they try to take guns.. they will be the hunted..

  7. This woman is a lieing bitch if she thinks most people want this band..who is she fooling …prove it bitch cuz I say you are a lieing bitch..and show us one sherad of proof that sandy hook even happened.. all we know is what the lieing news say SHOW PROOF..but you cant because there is not any… just one vid, just one body. just one photo, anything… anything at all…Sandy Hoax did not happened….to date they have not showed one bit of proof to say it did…Finstine is a lieing pice of shit..

  8. I couldn’t watch the entire video. When she said that bullets from military assault weapons tear through tiny bodies I shut it off. Since she has a license for concealed carry I’m sure she know that a saturday night special has the same effect.

    The next night Pier’s show suffered his lowest ratings ever. So he will probably be in line for a govt bailout if his dog & pony show is going to continue.

    The reason the bunglers staged the Sandy Hook Hoax was to disarm the Zombie population before the collapse of their fraudulent govt. It’s coming real soon. They’re not even worried about re-election anymore. A band of Zombies armed with AK’s with folding stocks is their worst nightmare. They don’t have enough drones for that.

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