Shut Down “Bumblehive?”

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The recommendations on what to do about the illegal NSA spying are out. As if they really matter.

If congress and the administration and the courts were serious about protecting privacy and especially cutting the budget, perhaps the litmus test would be shutting down the Utah Data Center “Bumblehive” before it goes completely on line.  

Of course that’s not going to happen.

Proposed NSA changes unlikely to affect Utah Data Center

The $1.2 billion Utah center along with the other five major NSA holding cells will roll right along. The debate is not a debate, it’s only a cover story to get us to accept whatever data gathering the government wants to do. Token changes will be made but the great sucking sound you hear in the background will be the continuation of business as usual. There’s too much invested and too much information to be used and abused against the American people…and the rest of the world.

Power will never concede their power voluntarily. If it takes false flags, more patsy ‘terrorists’ or inside job cyber attacks to maintain the powers that be control, that’s what they will do. It’s a simple strategy, it’s all they know.

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