Sick Passengers Removed From Emirates Plane In Boston

Passenger walked off Emirates flight in Boston. (Photo from @barahont/Twitter)CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Medical crews wearing protective clothing boarded an Emirates flight that landed at Logan Airport on Monday afternoon. Massport says there were five people with flu-like symptoms on Flight 237 from Dubai.

Ambulances and emergency crews met the flight at the gate.  

Workers in Hazmat suits walked the ill passengers off the plane and they were transported to local hospitals. The remaining 182 passengers and 19 crew members were allowed to get off the plane after approximately three hours. Everyone on board cleared customs.

Family members who had loved ones on the plane say the wait was nerve-wracking. “I just spoke with my wife, she said some old man behind her has been coughing for 14 hours,” said Bashar Agha who was waiting at Logan Airport.

Massport says no one on the plane came from West African nations at the center of the Ebola outbreak.

The Boston Public Health Commission held a briefing on city wide Ebola guidance on Monday afternoon, saying that the city has investigated three or four possible Ebola cases in recent weeks.

Hazmat crews board Emirates flight after medical emergency in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

10 thoughts on “Sick Passengers Removed From Emirates Plane In Boston

  1. You beat me to it, Mark W. LOL 🙂 😉

    “The scare began with ‘an old man” who ‘had been coughing on the flight for 14 hours,’ said Bashar Aghar, 50, whose wife — a passenger on the flight — described the sequence of events to him via cell phone.”

  2. So is this how it’s going to be from now on? You can no longer sneeze or cough on a plane or they are going to send in the hazmat retards to haul you off and declare you a walking Ebola addict? I wonder if half of these people and snitches are just paid actors that are doing this to start something like they do everything else. These hazmat retards coming on our planes is absolutely an embarrassment to our country. Not only do other countries hate us, but now they are laughing at us at how cowardly we are. Makes me wonder if these hazmat guys are even real hazmat guys and not just some actors they hired at the airport to put on a show to promote the corporate elites propaganda. Do you ever see them doing this to private flights or government flights? Of course not! They are immune from being quarantined by the hazmat retards as well as from being patted down by the TSA molesters, while We the People are forced to do both.

    Hang ’em all! 😡


    1. Yes NC, I have yet to see a picture of anyone bleeding from any orifice. This disease is infamous for those symptoms. Yet not one pic?

      1. Check out revolution Radio, a fellow Canadian who exposes Hoaxs . He has link to another web site that exposes a story from New York times . Watch the video at the end the father walks of with Wad of cash.In Edmonton the false case does not have Ebola.But the news is talking about two other possible cases in eastern Canada. Get this Canada has Just pass legislation that the government can mandate forced vaccinations on the public during a pandemic. Not on my family. I have multiple venues to rectify the situation if the government tugs come to my door.

  3. Ohhh, Boston, why does that name ring a bell when I think of the word “hoax”? It was only a matter of time before the northeastern cabal picked up the slack to reinforce the fear campaign.

      1. That whole area is a friggin witches coven! Still waiting on any new diaper sniper “news”. He must be so scared he’s poopin’ his pampers as we speak….

        1. Yea I’m sure the next story will be that the police found a note from Frein when he was hiding in a bear cave or something. Still waiting for his manifesto.

          Oh hell, I don’t care anymore. Season Two of Frein Dynasty isn’t going to be any better than Season One. So it doesn’t even matter.

  4. So in one city we have fake hazmat retards in blue outfits, now in Boston we have fake hazmat retards in Yellow outfits and in Texas they had fake hazmat retards in brown outfits and in Atlanta they had fake hazmat retards in white outfits. So much for standardization. Maybe pink outfits will be next. Gotta please the gay CDC members, now don’t we?

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