7 thoughts on “Smack Down

  1. Yes, that is how ya do it damnit. That damned theif is lucky he didn`t get his head blown off his shoulders.

    1. Yes the clerk left out the most important part of the deal,the rehab part that is guaranteed to work.Thug fall,clerks says I feared for my life,case closed. Oh yes and the gun falls harmlessly to the floor. You know the guy will keep doing what he was doing but be much more careful and dangerous the next time!

  2. Yes, that is how ya do it damnit. Your absolutely right Digger. in fact there was a guy here who owned a restaurant, and years ago a guy pulled a pistal on him, and got the money out of the register, and left out the door. the restaurant owner followed him out with a 38 and dropped him as he was running away. that criminal will NEVER rob ANYONE again.

      1. that ole boy was proud of his pistol, and was a very good marksman. that thief didn’t have a chance. was dead before he hit the ground.

        1. Unfortunately in a lot of states would have been charged with a crime as thief had left the premises,that said,nice shot man!

          1. yes James ..in this state of il. as well. this happened about 30 or so years ago. before the gestapo mentality started gaining ground.

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