So Are All Jewish Leaders Criminally Insane?

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However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.

Deuteronomy 20:16

There never was a unified Kingdom of Israel and Judah. There were 1,600 people living in Jerusalem at the time of David who was never a king. There was no Temple of Solomon. The Jews were Canaanites who lived in the hills of Judah. They started their religion in 622 B.C. which was long after the separate Kingdom of Israel to the north had fallen into captivity.  

To understand Jewish leaders we must first look at what is involved in massacring a neighboring village whether it be 2,500 years ago or today in modern Palestine. It goes beyond just killing the elderly, the babies, the children, the women and the men.

Obviously, there is a clear message being sent from those who brutally kill unarmed people to their surviving relatives and friends who lived nearby. The message is that the killers are not like us. We can never trust them. We can never accept them as neighbors. We can never marry into their families. It teaches everyone who is not Jewish that Jews are different.

You will never understand Jewish leaders until you accept the fact that Jews must be cast out from every society that befriended them and gave them shelter. Every nation that went to war to defend them must be betrayed and then destroyed. Why, you ask? Because if the Jews ever found a home and married into the local population the Jewish leaders would have no followers to exploit.

That is the only reason for a few thousand years of grief being given and received. The need to be treated as ‘Special.’

Americans fought two world wars to benefit the Jews. They funded Israel and bought off the leadership of her neighbors at considerable expense. They paid the bill for a large military presence in the Mideast to protect Israel. What did the Israeli leaders do in return?

1) In the Lavon in the early 1950s affair the Israelis blew up American and British facilities. The Israelis later honored one of the the killers.

2) In 1963 Prime Minister David Ben Gurion gave the orders to kill President Kennedy later that year.

3) In 1967 during the Six Day War, Israel attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 American sailors. The Israelis even strafed the survivors in life boats. The US had sent two F-16s with nuclear weapons to attack Cairo when word was received that it was Israel that had killed the Americans in a coordinated fashion with clear skies.

4) On September 11, 2001 four airliners were electronically hijacked using the Command Transmitter System which had been developed by SPC International whose former CEO was the then current Comptroller of the Pentagon. Those hijacked planes flew directly over 8 US military bases without being intercepted. On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that neither he nor rabbi Dov Zakheim, his Comptroller at the Pentagon, could not trace $2.3 trillion. Also on the night of the 10th a billion dollars in gold and silver bullion went missing from the COMEX vaults at the World Trade Center.

Donald Rumsfeld had promised on September 10th that the DOD would do a better job in the future tracing the taxpayers money. The Pentagon has since admitted they cannot trace $8.5 trillion spent between 1996 and 2013. That was another promise not kept.

The Rothschild owned Reuters news agency told the BBC that World Trade Center Tower 7 had collapsed. The BBC went on air and told the world that WTC 7 had collapsed 22 minutes before it was taken down by a controlled demolition. The confusion about the collapse time might have been because London had gone off Summer time but the US was still on Daylight Savings time. If you simply look at the collapse video, then you must conclude that this building was taken down by bombs placed inside in advance. Israel was the only one with access through the lease holders and through the New York Port Authority. They were the only ones with motive. Israel wanted to set up a National Security State in America to protect Wall Street from the wrath of the Gentiles whose pensions and savings had been stolen by the Jewish financial elite. And Israel also wanted America to spend a lot of money killing Muslims.

There is ample evidence that Judaism Incorporated is a criminal enterprise.  The Spire law group filed a 43 trillion dollar lawsuit against more than 1,400 bankers and federal officials. 43 trillion dollars is the amount of damage suffered estimated to have been done to the Gentiles by our Banker Occupied Government. The Talmud tells the Jews that it is perfectly legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as the Jews get control of their government.

1) 80% of all ships in the African slave trade were owned by Jews. They would sell Africans in America in exchange for rum and trinkets. The Jewish distillers also made money selling alcohol and guns to the Indians so they could get white Gentile settlers killed to make room for more Jewish immigrants.

2) His Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium Wars against China to make money.

3) The Jews took over America after they got away with killing President Kennedy. They profited enormously from America’s two Opium wars which were Vietnam and Afghanistan. The banks make enormous profits laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. The banks also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.

4) The Jews used Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) crisis to fleece Americans of trillions of dollars.  The Federal Reserve used Quantitative Easing to buy absolutely worthless and fraudulent MBS. Sine they won’t admit their criminal guilt, the only way out is to hyperinflate the dollar destroying the paychecks and pensions of a few hundred million Gentiles.

There is a lot of money in these criminal enterprises. The Jewish leaders must be able to offer benefits for those Jews who remain loyal to the tribe. The Jews killed 60 million Gentiles after they took over the Soviet Union. The Jewish leadership sacked and looted Russia of $250 billion after their Communist enterprise went bankrupt. There are Russian Jewish refugees all over the world who received benefits from Judaism Incorporated though many US taxpayers are footing part of the bill through phony Social Security claims.

Another benefit is college admissions. Jews from Israel are given priority admission to enter the University of Michigan over Gentiles. One young woman with a straight A average had to sue because the Jewish professors at the Ann Arbor campus would not admit her. She was a Pretty blonde Gentile. They did accept 600 Israelis. It is standard practice in America to to give admissions based on race. Asians, blacks and Hispanics have quotas. But Jews are allowed separate quotas which they take from whites. At private schools like Harvard and Yale, many of the whites who are accepted have parents who donated substantial sums to their Alma Mater. This means that Jews do not have to openly compete against either the Asians or against the children of the white people who fought Israel’s wars.

I once read an account of two developers in a small town in Colorado that had Jews on the City Council. A Jewish developer was permitted by the Jewish City Council to build on a lot that legally was to small to build on. Because the lot was too small to build on it was cheap. The Gentile developer who obeyed all the laws and paid more for his larger lot was never allowed to develop. Being Jewish has its benefits.

Other benefits are in the courts. Jews who stole billions are not in jail. Jewish sex criminals are allowed to flee prosecution and accept Israeli citizenship.  The Mossad has the NSA tap all the phones in the US for them. Jewish drug dealers are warned by the Mossad when the American cops are closing in on them.

The Jewish leaders openly declared war on America on September 11, 2001. So what is their plan to follow through with their subjugation of America? They began that plan long ago probably even before they assassinated President Lincoln whose Greenbacks were anathema to the Jewish leaders who wanted everyone to become a Debt Slave. They succeed in taking over America when they created the Federal Reserve Bank which allowed them to charge the Gentiles interest on money they created out of nothing. In that same year they got the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service  which were needed to pay the usury on that fictional ‘National Debt’ which was unnecessary under the Greenback non-interest bearing currency system.

Armed IRS agents and later the FBI became the enforcers for the Jewish oligarchs who ran America. After the Jews had killed Kennedy, they decided to destroy America. They passed the North America Free Trade Act which closed 56,000 manufacturing plants and sent them overseas. The Jews de-industrialized America. Yet, they used 911 as an excuse to get the Gentiles involved in a series of wars for Israel. They even had their lackey Obama honor a soldier who had been maimed after serving ten tours of duty.

Because the Jews had sent all the jobs overseas there are none. The Jews have always encouraged legal and illegal immigration. They are empowered by mediating racial conflicts which they both exacerbate and exploit. Their plan is to let the economy die, crash the dollar and buy America for pennies on the dollar with all the tens of trillions they stole from the Gentiles.

When the dollar dies, the Jews will let blacks and Hispanics kill each other and let both of the minorities kill white Gentiles. The US military has had urban martial law drills. Their plans are designed to protect wealthy Jewish suburbs from blacks.

The Jewish leaders will probably simultaneously release a series of plagues to greatly reduce the Gentile population. Their Foundation studies have concluded that the world’s population needs to be reduced to less than a billion. That means the Jewish leaders have decided to kill 6 billion Gentiles.

Are the Jewish people likely to follow their leaders along with these psychopathic plans? They let their leaders kill JFK and blow up the World Trade Center on 911. Very few Jews have broken through to real freedom from the insane demands of their tribe by denying the Holohoax and saying Israel did 911.

We have only a few days, weeks and months remaining to resist the Insanity that is Judaism Incorporated. I do not think we Gentiles can rely upon the assimilated Jews to come to our rescue.

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