Spot Report From the Trenches: No Leave for Army – September and October

I don’t believe a lot of what I read on Before It’s News, et. al., until I see the facts for myself. I always do my own research. There are a lot of folks out there making things up just to get their names out on the net.

The rumor that has been going around about no one in the Army getting to take leave during the month of September and October is one of the things I had to see for myself. If that were true, that is a very big deal. It doesn’t happen very often.  

My daughter and her husband have just been stationed at Ft. Riley, KS. He is in a unit that has just returned recently from deployment and is on “recovery phase” They are not slated to deploy anywhere anytime in the near future. My daughter called last night and said that they have all been told that they will get no leave in September through October. They were even told that they are on QRF, (Quick Reaction Force)

I was in the Army for a long time. When you go on QRF, you are told months in advance and train and prep for it. You have to go through a week of paperwork, vaccinations for the area of possible deployment, etc. It is a big deal. It also only involves one unit as opposed to an entire base. It never happens on the fly like this. This tells me that they are planning for the possibility of a rapid deployment of at least one division. I do not know if this is happening at other bases.

When they did the no fly zone over Libya, this did not happen. That suggests to me that this Syria BS is going to be much bigger than the action in Libya.

I don’t like to fear monger. I like to look at all the data that I see and plan accordingly for any scenario that could happen. This could become nothing, but with all of the other things that we all know are going on right now, it seems like that we should pay extra attention to the Syria War that they are starting.

Personally, I am going to plan for several scenarios for the next few weeks: the possibility that we could get invaded in a small or large way by the “friends of the Syrian government”, the possibility of all out or partial nuclear war. I do believe that if this happens in any way, that our government will pretend to fight it, but we all know their true intentions.

Be on alert, and be an extra vigilant watchman for the next few weeks and hope that this is something that will pass without incident.


31 thoughts on “Spot Report From the Trenches: No Leave for Army – September and October

  1. thanks for this information.

    No matter how educated, no matter how informed, no matter what side one takes, our thinking powers at times due us a disfavor….I am specifically speaking to the top military leaders of our country, and the so called, western allies………As one generation retires, or dies, those who follow, carry on the same madness…but a step or two more evil than those who just left the post.
    At some point…its got to reverse………its evil thinking.
    For if it does not who knows how many of us will remain…..or maybe it will fall on the next generation to befall the burden of death by nuclear disaster…lets hope it reverses itself while there is still time.
    rbeason….Nam vet 1969

  2. Hi Bulldog,

    Ok,.. thanks for the insight in your article.

    The US Marines do things a bit differently of course, but what is not open to debate is the fact they are cancelling leave.

    This indicates one thing, and one thing only,… a call up for action that may have a every short window of reaction time,.. hence the ramp up now,.. to get the time consuming stuff taken care of.

    In the Marines,.. each unit typically has an ACB force,.. within the unit.

    ACB is Air-Contingency-Battalion (at least that is what it was called when I was in), and they are on 24 hour Fly-Out Status at all times.

    I would be interested in knowing what there current alert status is, because if imminent actions are suspected,.. the ACB people are put on high alert, in some case they cannot even leave the base, or even their unit area without permission.

    What ever is going on with the leave restrictions and alert status of various units, it is clear the PIC (Pyschos-In-Charge) are trying desperately to get WW3 going.

    God have mercy on our souls.

    JD – US Marines – Sitting here,.. watching the possible end of humanity as we know it like a sporting event spectator,….. how frustrating we can’t stop it.

    1. JD,
      Army does it similar. We would have a battalion/squadron on QRF. They would be on 36 hour recall. Then within that a company/troop that has their gear on their tanks, in the motor pool ready to go, 24 hours notice. Then out of that company, a platoon with everything loaded parked at the airfield with 4 C-5s next to them. Their place of duty is at the airfield daily for the month that they are on QRF. They can be anywhere in the world in 24 hour or less.
      This situation is a big deal because, they are pretty much putting the entire base (division) on QRF (36 hour notice) I forgot to add one thing to the SITREP, they were told that they cant be more than 50 miles from base during the Sept., Oct. time frame. I have a friend with a son at another base. I am trying to find out if this is extended to that base as well. I will send out any info that I find.
      Stay vigilent

      1. Roger that Bulldog,

        Whatever info-feed you can provide brother, is greatly appreciated although we, and the rest of people here at FTT, know where this going to take us.

        Touch off your final preps,.. we may need them real soon!

        JD – US Marines – Stay Frosty everyone,.. we’re almost at D-Day,.. H-Hour,…. then the real party starts.

    1. That’s the idea. Send our troops overseas, while our foreign government brings the enemies in through the backdoor aka the Canadian and Mexican border.

  3. “come senators, congressmen
    please heed the call
    don’t block at the doorway
    don’t block up the hall
    for he that gets hurt
    will be he who has stalled
    there’s a battle outside, And it’s ragin’
    it’ll soon shake your windows
    and rattle your walls
    Bob Dylan———The Times They Are A Changin’
    Seems like Viet Nam again….you’d think people would learn.
    rbeason in country Nam 1969

  4. If i’m way off here please let me know but i’m seeing this as a way into Iran.If we launch into Syria and Syria and Iran launch into Isreal and then they launch into Syria and we launch into Iran,Isn’t that what they have been wanting for some time now?

    1. I think Henry said it best yesterday. As soon as we have a few of our fighters shot down in a “war”, both sides of the isle will be screaming for revenge. It could unite the left right paradime under one cause. ALl of the bush lovers will be begging for some brown people to get bombed.
      Then if you dont agree with what they are doing you will be demonized or worse.
      The crap is getting deeper by the day.

      1. Bulldog… did you post this on Steve Quayles site?


        Yesterday my daughter called home. Her husband is an E-4 medic at Fort Riley, Kansas. She said that he came home and told her that starting Monday they are not allowed more that 50 miles from base, and this will go on through some time in October. She was really upset, he just joined and she really wanted to come home to visit for Labor Day. This was confirmation on all the rumors that I have heard about the Military not getting Leave on these dates!

        God Bless You and Thank You for what You do!

        Aug 28, 2013

    2. Yep, Redhorse, that’s generally the idea. And then don’t forget Russia and China and India and Pakistan and Japan and then the U.S. in the Pacific again. I’m sure North Korea will even throw in a few missiles here or there in desperation.

    3. Syria has always been looked at as the obvious required or last step before Iran (likely by more people than just myself heh).

      This war, as in all war w/in the past aprx century have been about $$, big money.

      To say the Dollar already has a broken leg is a laughable understatemnt. The Dollar has been bed ridden for some long time now. War will help the Dollar (ie: US economy & banksters) but not much else.

      Consider what benefit(s) there is to go into Syrai & Iran – they both have central banks(CB)…how many other ME nations have CB’s?

      The loss of life is about as meaningful as losing a piece (or a few) in a chess match – they all serve a purpose, if the net gain is a step in the direction toward fulfillment of their agenda consider the piece captured (lost). This is not much more than a game to those psycho’s at the controls.

      Republic? Laughable as well.

      Be very concerned my friends about you & yours (family & friends).

      Most of America seems more interested in Play Stations & free Øbama stuff than their survival.

      Lenin would be proud of the Dem’s work over the past few decades…

      – not a vet, just another concerned cynical patriot

      1. It’s true that Syria & Iran both have central banks, but they are state run, not Rothschild owned. ALL remaining countries (almost none now) without Rothschild owned central banks are high priority targets of the NWO.

        The Zionists MUST increase their wealth – if not by usury, then by invasion and pure unadulterated theft.

        Invasion by way of other countries’ militaries, of course. Those AshkeNAZI lowlife Satanic scum NEVER do their own fighting.

  5. And our soldiers will just go off to more unnecessary illegal immoral wars and get killed for lying treasonous snakes; and this time it might drag all of humanity to the edge of destruction. Officers and men are going to have to decide which is more important, following orders or stopping this madness.

  6. Least we have forgotten what Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about:

    Let us not forget what President Woodrow Wilson said when he talked about the tiny elite club that dominates humanity—or as Wilson called them in the following quote, the “power somewhere”:

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it

    The Awakening

    And lastly:

    All Wars

    1. All Wars are Bankers Wars

    Our Federal Income Taxes go here and no where else

    3. 1.4 mil US troop stationed around the world

    I greatly respect you guys those of you who have commented here. Somehow we must overcome. Peace to you and strength

  7. get your gas before it goes up! iran provides something like 11 percent or worlds oil supply not to mention the staight of hormuz. Financial collapse in America due to oil. I’m ready to start whackin and stackin ; )

  8. “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war”.

    “It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear”. – General Douglas MacArthur

    It seems I am praying a lot more recently. I’ve done my time, but there are several young people I know that will be thrown to the lions. Add that to the fact that females are now required to register with Selective Service, and the scenario becomes that more frightening. Some in DC are even calling for the reinstatement of the Draft! Of course, they and theirs will not be the ones joining the party.

    Be ready, my friends.

    Slug Diamond US Army 11B/38A

      1. Oops, sorry, my bad! The Secretary of Defense has allowed females to perform combat roles, but the actual law has not been changed. Thanks for calling me on it. I HATE when I post something not factual.

        But on a lighter note, undocumented males can register to help secure gov’t benefits!

        1. Thanks for clarifying! Women in the military is a whole other topic, but I do think you are right, that a change to the law has been proposed. But I haven’t heard anything on that for awhile.

  9. Draft will result in a firefight at home. One way to end an illegal war is to take out the govt that started it.

    1. there you go.
      take out the gov that started it!
      you notice there is only the slightest whimper of bringing back the draft. should they attempt that….I think you are right… would bring on a fire fight….
      When I was drafted into the us army, 1968, the lottery for drafting people had not yet started.It began not long after I went in…where unless a person’s number was called from a lottery, you did not get drafted….you could avoid involuntary servitude….
      rbeason US56639487 Nam us army, 1969

  10. Thanks for the FACTS from an EYEWITNESS about army leave cancellations. I cannot stand it when bloggers post their own opinions and cal them facts (let alone when the MSM does it…you expect them to!), or when bloggers speculate and call it truth.

    As for speculation, I speculate all the time in my own head about what it will take for the American people to rise up and do something about the criminal psychopathic elites, short of lining them all up to be dealt with if you know what I mean…I ‘d much rather see them put on trial and peaceful justice be done, but we might be beyond that at this point, sad to say. But I will say this again and again: I do not know anyone who approves of what the government is doing…and the only folks who could possibly approve of war with Syria are Christian Zionists….but since I don’t want to get too pissed off by those who claim Christ as Savior, I don’t feel like arguing with them (as if I can change their minds even by quoting Christ Himself)…they’ll support anything if they think it helps Israel (whether it really helps Israel or not…)

  11. I live on the Delmarva peninsula, here in Delaware. Dover airforce base is only a 40 minute drive from where I live.
    I have seen an uptick in military aircraft activity in the last few weeks. They are definitely running drills in the skies unlike any that I witnessed in the past.

    I also saw a convoy of military trucks this past Sunday on interstate 95 near Wilmington. It was around twenty vehicles and six of them were tractor trailer tanker trucks in the desert tan color. The rest were Humvee type vehicles.

    It could just be coincidence but I figured I’d share that with you guys. I’ll be sure to post any occurrences that I see out of the norm here.

  12. I watched O’Bama on the news tonight in an interview. His face showed me he’s reluctant to pull the trigger on Syria. If this does kick off maybe O’Bama doesn’t really have a choice, everything’s already set in motion and can’t be recalled.
    Most likely scenario. Cruise missile attack by US and UK. France does something foolish just to show off. There is a weird silence from Syria and Iran and Lebanon for one day. Then all three strike Israel and Saudi with surprisingly high tech weapons. Israel retaliates “big time” which draws in the Russians. From here anything can happen, something no one has thought of. And the story continues…

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