Stop and Frisk Watch Now Available on iPhones


Do you own an iPhone? Then you can hold the NYPD accountable for violating people’s rights.

Today, the NYCLU released an iPhone version of Stop and Frisk Watch – our smart-phone app that allows bystanders to document stop-and-frisk encounters and alert community members when a street stop is in progress.

You have a First Amendment right to record police activity in public. Doing so empowers you to expose abusive policing and protect your neighbors.

Stop and Frisk Watch, which is free and already available for Android phones, has three primary functions:

    • RECORD: Users can film a police encounter with audio. When filming stops, the user immediately receives a brief survey allowing them to provide details about the incident. The video and survey are sent to the NYCLU. 
    • LISTEN: This alerts users when someone in their neighborhood is being stopped by the police. It’s especially useful for community groups that monitor police activity. 
    • REPORT: This prompts the survey, allowing users to report a police interaction they saw or experienced, even if they didn’t film it.

NYPD data shows that hundreds of thousands of innocent New Yorkers are stopped and frisked each year. The information collected through Stop and Frisk Watch documents how this humiliating and abusive tactic corrodes trust between police and communities. It helps you fight for change.

Stop and Frisk Watch is also available on Android. Visit for more information.

Thank you for all that you do,

The Staff of the NYCLU

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